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Sipping some hot coco by the fire means Fall is in the air.

Hello and welcome back to the State of Aeon. There have been a few things in the works for Aeon in the past 2 weeks, and here we can discuss whats going on in the Aeon community. So lets get started!!!

The first and probably biggest news to tell is that Aeon now has a community backed funding system for development of the project. Proposed by /u/camothegeek after a month or so of work behind the scenes, his proposal and project was fully funded by the community and eventually implemented as our first official Community Backed Funding System called AFS. Anyone from the public can create an account on the official site: and post their proposals. Discussion is recommended by the community before posting a proposal by making a thread on the official aeon Reddit page for the community to discuss whether or not a proposal should be made. Developers of the Aeon project can add their input for these discussions. Feel free to read the proposal instructions here. Great work /u/camothegeek ! This is the first step to moving the project along.

You have to start somewhere and a community funding system is the base.

Other news is that user /u/thriftyMinnow is starting to draft a white-paper for Aeon. Currently there is not an Aeon specific white paper, more so a general cryptonote paper describing the protocol. The document is formatted in LaTeX format so most text editors can properly edit the document. If you want to read the work done so far or help contribute, he has set up a repo on GitHub here. His recent post about his progress helps explain. Good work so far thriftyminnow!

On the sad side, AeonPocket is shutting down its web wallet service. They have been active in the community for a while but have decided to close their doors. Thanks for all your effort in the community AEON Pocket! They have offered people to re-use their GitHub source if they want to develop and share a new web wallet service with the community on their Github . A user did ask if the community could buy the domain to use in the future, but no proposal has been made yet.


Starting an style service. Something like what Monero already has with that is used to make BTC payments with XMR directly.

Weekend warriors: Used for discussing any smaller projects or tasks that are intended to be done on the weekend.

Mobile Support for Aeon. Currently only a lightweight droid version is available that uses remote nodes to sync your device with the network.

LWMA difficulty algorithm. User /u/CarbonCG has created a testing platform for this algo. Feel free to test out his ideas and discuss.

Don’t forget the new Community Discord server! 87 people have joined so far.

New stuff to try

XMR-STAK 2.4.7 Wasabi Edition: These guys have made some nice hardware monitoring for the Stak miner in their software. Note the 1% dev fee goes to WasabiDevs for having these additional features.

Smaller Pools: If you have a lot of hash power, please split this up to smaller pools. The little guys help the network stay secure from attacks. Aeon-Team pool was looking for some extra miners but any small pool could use it.

Its a dragon on a leash! Rarrrrwww

Well thank you all for stopping by to see what’s going on in the world of AEON. We hope yo see you back in 2 weeks for the next State of Aeon!

Aeon, the coin for the community. Lightweight, Secure, Untraceable.



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