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4 min readSep 21, 2018
Images from NASA of hurricanes in the Atlantic. Earth is a fragile place.

Hello all and welcome to the State of Aeon bi weekly roundup. We hope everyone is doing well and our thoughts go out to all those affected by the recent Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Mangkhut. During the past 2 weeks there have been some new happenings in the Aeon community. Lets dive in!

AEON has found 1,000,000 blocks!!!

Congrats to all those people that have helped the Aeon Blockchain evolve into what it is today. Hashvault found the block, so lets all give them some props!

Good job guys! Her is to the next 1,000,000 blocks!

New Proposals for AFS:

  • Well, not actually a “new” proposal but a prior bounty was bought up for the dev approved web wallet on the Aeon reddit sub. It looks like this bounty was set forth in 2017 but was never filled by the dev /u/smooth_xmr or /u/katiecharm so it looks like it is still open for offers. If there are any developers out there interested, feel free to sign up on the Official Aeon Funding site and create a proposal to get funded. Help the community with an easy to use web wallet!
  • Aeon Gambling site: This proposal is set forth to create a betting site like and for those interested in tossing some AEON’s up for a chance to win more! Discussion is located on reddit if you have any questions or thoughts on the proposal.

Aeon Funding System site improvements:

Oh wow, the AEON logo in a QR, no way man! Good work Camothegeek!

Props to /u/camothegeek that has been hard at work on the Aeon Funding site. Recently he has added QR codes to make it easier for those using mobile wallets to send payments with the tap of their phone. Also in his spare time he has done lots of back end work like daemon matching to current block height checks and registration verification. Password reset scripts are in progress and may be done by the time of this posting.

Revisiting the Aeon Tagline:

A discussion post was made by /u/thriftyminnow in regards to the community revisiting the current Aeon tagline : AEON isn’t just a currency. It’s a lifestyle. Is Aeon more than just a currency? Are there ways that Aeon can be made into a lifestyle? What does this mean and should Aeon continue to use it or should it be changed? Feel free to add your input on the discussion post. The proposed white paper should include this tagline or slogan so that people know the true meaning of it.

Current known projects being worked on in the Aeon Community:

Funding System: for anyone to open a proposal and get a valid project funded.

AEONStats: Soon. — Extended network and usage stats for Aeon Blockchain

Pay with AEON: Soon — Updated fork of, payment gateways for popular eCommerce systems.

AEON Gambling site: Soon! — Bet some AEON, win or lose some AEON. (sorry, can’t spill all the details yet)

AEON White paper: white paper proposal — Work in progress

AEON How-To’s: — Community written how-to’s using or doing anything with Aeon

Aeon API: — Pay Bitcoin with AEON! — Currently a Work in progress.

Recent How-To’s:

Remember, anyone can contribute to the Aeon Community:

Don’t know how? Ask us, and we can tell you.

  • If there are no proposals for what you want to help with, create one!
  • Not all of us are developers or technically savvy (or want to be)
  • If you want to make a graphical how-to, post it up. Now everyone knows how to do everything out there. We’ll give you props!
  • How do we actually spread the word?
  • What can you do to help the Aeon community?
  • Every little bit counts, even if you think that it won’t!

If you have any specific ideas for how to help, please post them over in the Wednesday’s Weekend Warriors thread on /r/aeon or create your own discussion topic.

For those wondering about the colors of the Aeon logo for integration into their own additions to the project, here they are from the Aeon branding pack:

Aeon Branding Pack

COLOR 1: #5fbcd3ff
COLOR 2: #2c89a0ff
COLOR 3: #164450ff
COLOR 4: #444444ff
COLOR 5: #ffffffff

TYPESET: Ebrima (Bold)

StickerMule is having a current promo on stickers. 10 for $1 free shipping. Feel free to pick up some stickers, even AEON ones for $1!

AEON isn’t just a currency. It’s a lifestyle.

If you want to be included in the bi-weekly roundup for the Aeon Community, please visit either the Official Discord channel #publications or the official IRC channel and let us know. We don’t always get around to acknowledging everyone so give us a shout and we’ll give you props. Thanks all for visiting and see you on the next bi-weekly State of Aeon!



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