The State of Aeon 9_15_2019

The higher you go the farther you can see ahead.

Hello everyone and welcome to the State of Aeon for September 15th, 2019. Currently, we are on track to set a fork height for the upcoming network upgrade to K12. Preliminary binaries were released from Stoffu to aid in community members testing the new code. Additional languages were added to the main website, and HitBTC re-enabled Aeon deposits & withdrawals. Let’s dig into the latest happenings in the Aeon community.

Preliminary Binaries released before tagging v0.13.0 release

Aeon isn’t just a currency, It’s a lifestyle.

New translations for our website

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Polish
  • Esperanto
  • French
  • Russian
  • Chinese

Aeon listed on SwapSpace

Other notable happenings in the Aeon community

  • website funded for another year of operation.
  • Website Designer looking for community thoughts on website re-design.
  • HitBTC Aeon wallet is now operational for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Schedule a community meeting to discuss Aeon’s next steps
  • Is there community interest in Aeon being added to CryptocurrencyCheckout?? Check them out here.
  • Our Discord channel has over doubled in size since announcing our plans to move to K12 POW. Currently, we have 627 members as of this writing and only 12 noted bots.
  • Community Twitter account now has 156 followers.
  • Our Telegram channel has 315 members.
  • Our Community Fund is now at 1982 Aeon or $1018.87 a of this writing.
  • Don’t forget to check out our community webpage here.

Well, that sums it up for Aeon for the last month. We are inching closer to the network upgrade and there are many community members anticipating the move to Kangaroo 12 POW. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the continuous improvement of the Aeon project. Remember, if you have any cool pictures and want to have a chance of it as a front-page image for the State of Aeon, please contact us on our Discord channel and maybe your image will be posted on the next State of Aeon!

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