The State of Aeon 8_4_2019

Aeon turned 5!

Core code commits for the upcoming K12 fork

  • K12 core code changes merged
  • Aeon transaction sizes will be reduced thanks to Borromean Signatures.
  • Updated decoy selection for non-RingCT blockchain outputs.
  • Many platform building updates including Arm, Windows, Linux, and OSX along with test checkers.
  • Many new wallet updates including RPC enhancements.
  • Re-opening the discussion for possible locked ring size for the K12 fork.

More pool code options for K12

Aeon website in Esperanto!

Website refresh and translations added

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Polish
  • Esperanto
  • Russian, Chinese, and French coming soon!
Habla Español?

Aeon now added to the Matrix platform

Check out

Sneak Peek at Electron wallet for Aeon

Dark mode enabled

Other notable happenings:

Community Funding notes:



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AEON Community

AEON Community


This Medium is dedicated to the AEON Community and posts are related to AEON, its community, and the development of the AEON codebase.