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5 min readAug 5, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to the State of Aeon for August 8th, 2019. It has been almost a year since we started the State of Aeon blog posts. We started this blog to help keep community members and those interested in the Aeon project up to date on whats going on. We have been working busily the last two months moving the project closer to the K12 pow fork. Many lines of code have been merged to master including the K12 pow change, and there was even a website revamp with translations added. Things are getting real here so let’s dive into what’s been going on the past two months.

Aeon turned 5!

Yes, the Aeon blockchain turned five years old on June 6th, 2019. Still going strong is the lightweight blockchain that has been a secure and private way to transact digital currency for five years. Here is to another five years of cryptocurrency blockchain lightness!

Core code commits for the upcoming K12 fork

Many lines of code have been added in the past two months. From those commits, here are some highlights of what Aeon will be supporting after the network upgrade:

  • K12 core code changes merged
  • Aeon transaction sizes will be reduced thanks to Borromean Signatures.
  • Updated decoy selection for non-RingCT blockchain outputs.
  • Many platform building updates including Arm, Windows, Linux, and OSX along with test checkers.
  • Many new wallet updates including RPC enhancements.
  • Re-opening the discussion for possible locked ring size for the K12 fork.

More pool code options for K12

@MusclesonVacation has added Aeon support for the upcoming K12 fork in the dvandal maintained Cryptonote-nodeJS-pool GitHub. He has been an excellent maintainer of this code for a while now and has worked hard to get K12 working great on his software. Currently, he does support a lot of Cryptonote and merged-mining coins with his code. Thanks for adding Aeon to your library! We now have Cryptonote-Universal and Cryptonote-nodeJS pool support for the upcoming K12 fork.

Aeon website in Esperanto!

Website refresh and translations added

Much work and effort have been put into the ongoing translations project by many community members. All of this hard work paid off when camthegeek put everything together in a website overhaul to include language support. We now have support for the following languages on our main website:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Polish
  • Esperanto
  • Russian, Chinese, and French coming soon!

Props out to Cam and everyone involved with this work! The website is looking good. If you can do some translations to your native language, please get in touch with us on one of our social platforms.

Habla Español?

Aeon now added to the Matrix platform

Thanks to Marmulak for getting Aeon set up on Matrix. This is a secure chat platform like IRC that adds to another social platform for people to connect.

Check out

Sneak Peek at Electron wallet for Aeon

BigslimVdub has been working on an Electron wallet for Aeon. This wallet is a functional and very lightweight option for Aeon community members. He hopes to have this ready by fork time with all the bugs worked out and ready for use. This wallet is GUI based, uses RPC wallet, and does not have options such as mining or TX proving that the official GUI wallet has. It will have light and dark mode enabled for your desire. Check it out!

Dark mode enabled

Other notable happenings:

Community Funding notes:

We have had an influx in funding proposals hit the funding page in the last two months. Please feel free to take a peek and add your comments to those in proposal status here. Another proposal not added can be found here:

Last but not least, we need community input on a release name for the upcoming fork. Please add in your thoughts so we can choose a great name for the v0.13.0 release! Thank you to everyone who is committing their time, energy, and effort to make Aeon the coin that it is. Until next time, happy mining from the Aeon community!

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