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The view is grand even in Aeon land.

Hello and welcome back to the State of Aeon. It has been quite some time since we stopped by to let everyone know what’s going on in the Aeon community. Many things have happened since our last update including a scheduled hard fork, coronavirus, large market drops, and large market corrections. Through all this, Aeon has survived and is still just moving along with its same stable lifecycle. Let’s take a look at what has been going in with Aeon for the past 10 months since our last update.

Hardfork to v0.13.0.0

Aeon successfully transitioned to a new era scrapping the original cryptonight-lite proof of work and creating one of the first ASIC friendly cryptonote coins on block 1146200. This transition put Aeon on the path to a highly efficient network of Kangaroo twelve (K12) workers. Throughout the nine months that Aeon has been using K12 as a POW, there is still no known ASICS on the network and no known in production or development. There are however many FPGA that are working and developers have been able to tweak the bitstreams from the original implementations back in August of 2019. Typical hash rates range from 3.5Gh on the low end $200 hardware to 68Gh on higher-end $2000 hardware. GPU can be competitive hash rate wise to low-end FPGA typically yielding 1.5Gh to 3.2Gh however their power rate draw makes them not efficient to FPGA. At this time in the SHA3 lifecycle, it is not recommended to use CPU for mining as the hash rates will not be competitive to other mining devices. CPU mining will be disabled in the next v0.13.2.0 point release within the GUI however users will still be able to test with the CLI if they need for development reasons. The current net hash as of the print date is approximately 10.3Th. For more information regarding the Aeon v0.13.0.0 hard fork please check out the post from last year here. Since the hard fork and the v0.13.1.0 point release, there have been 14 pull requests merged to the Aeon-CLI repo and 4 pull requests merged to the Aeon-GUI repo.

Remote Node Use

A past community member was able to provide the community with many remote nodes through Since the v0.13.0.0 hard fork, these nodes have not been updated to the latest code and are still operating on v0.12.* daemons. Since the hard fork there have been many dozens of community members reaching out to inform us that they are not able to see their coins that have been transferred from exchanges to their wallets or from their wallets to exchanges. Almost all of these issues have been traced back to the use of the outdated nodes from We are recommending to not use these nodes until further notice as their owner has not been responsive for quite some time with inquries to update their nodes. It is always best practice to use your own local daemon and currently, the blockchain size is about 8.6gb. If you must use a remote node please reach out to anyone on Discord or IRC. Through Discord we have a good working list of remote nodes typically available through our pool operators who are nice enough to spare bandwidth and server power on the #resources page. Community member CamtheGeek has spared some server time and resources to provide an updated remote node list. Please feel free to donate to his cause as he is not a pool operator for Aeon. The current block height as of writing is 1235822. If your wallet says anything less than this height you are either not synced or on the old chain. If your wallet is stuck and will not sync past block 1146200, you are either using a remote node on the wrong chain or you are not using v0.13.0.0+ software.

Pools and Mining

Currently, 11 known public pools support the Aeon SHA3 pow. Most of the network hash rate the last 9 months has typically been split between 3–4 pools. Please feel free to check out other pools and help spread the network hash rate.

Below are the supported pools as of writing:

Unchecked pools that show support for Aeon K12:

Below are some additional highlights relating to mining or pools:

  • Thunderosa has helped create some super lightweight pool UI code. Check it out and see how it works.
  • If you are interested in learning more about FPGA please visit their Discord channel here. All of the developers that have available bitstreams for Aeon are somewhat active on this discord. There you can get more information regarding FPGA and how you can mine FPGA with Aeon.

FPGA devices available to purchase that support Aeon K12:

Additional Community Information

Below are some additional points from Aeon since the last update. There have been a few community-related notes along with some service notes.

  • received a coin information refresh to match K12 vision along with some additional translations. Please feel free to make some translations into your native language and submit a PR. Remember we are still accepting translations and have coins to contribute to your efforts.
  • was created allowing community members to pay in BTC with their Aeons. After a few months, the service was updated however after 6 months of operation the service was put on hold. If you are interested in this service please reach out to the team and let them know.
  • Aeon was added to the Altilly exchange. Have a look and see what their exchange platform is like.
  • Aeon was added to exchange service.
  • Aeon was added to the coin swap service.
  • Aeon’s development and community funding page had some discussion on the use and future of the service. If you are interested in creating a proposal to the community please reach out to our IRC or Discord channel.
  • allows the purchase of Aeons with fiat or credit card.
  • A community member posted a nice outline of Aeon in May. Thanks Adam Cox for the update!
  • Discord — 843 members, Official Twitter: 7493 followers, Twitter AeonCommunity: 200 Followers , Reddit Aeon: 5086 members ,

Although the community has been quiet, the project is still quite active and still as stable as always. Many coins have fallen victim to lack of development and or closing their doors in the last year. Aeon has shown that it is still the little blockchain that could. It keeps on going, and going, and going. Thanks for stopping in and catching up with the Aeon community. Keep an eye out for an upcoming point release with many additional security and performance enhancements. Until next time, happy hashing.

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