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6 min readJun 3, 2019
Summer is here!

Hello everyone and welcome to the State of Aeon for June 2nd, 2019. It’s been a while since we have connected and we wanted to let everyone know what’s been going on! Aeon has been moving closer and closer to its next big change the last month. A new revamp of the official website has been proposed for language adaptation, Miner support has been moving forward with bitstream developers, and Aeon is starting to turn a new chapter in its history with a marketing/branding revamp. Let’s check in on what’s been going on in the Aeon community.

Aeon.Cash Translation Integration:

Camthegeek proposed a change to the main website to integrate language options and a small structure update. This change will help allow users whose native language is not English to easily navigate the website. Thanks to community members, we have the options for Esperanto, German, Polish, and Spanish available for viewing. Props to Cam for this addition to the website. If you would like to contribute to translating the website and core code, please visit our repository for this in the community GitHub here. A brief look into what the website would look like if these changes were integrated.

Mining Updates for Aeon:

Some known developers have been working with some of our community members for the production of bitstreams for FPGA mining hardware. Currently, there are a few in the works and some are being beta tested on test-net pools. Mining with CPU and GPU is still possible with the current software available supporting k12. If you are interested in working with community members for the production of bitstreams or testing hardware with k12 test-net, please contact us on our Discord channel or IRC. We do not want k12 to be a centralized mining effort like it currently is with one ASIC farm on our current CNv7 POW. Some general hash rates for k12 from Beta testing can be found here. If you want to add information, please comment and send info to our Discord so we can add this information in.

Aeon Marketing and Branding:

The community topped off Thunderosa’s AFS proposal for a marketing & design pack update this week allowing for him to start work on a revamp of our marketing system. Here is an example of some older work that was never implemented with the project:

With this proposal, he will be providing the community with some choices on which direction we want to move in marketing and branding wise. Along with this, we have had an influx of community members adding on marketing proposals to the funding site. We have the following proposals that need community engagement:

AEON is turning 5 in a few days!

Yes, on June 6th, 2019, Aeon ill be turning 5 years old. On 6–6–2014 Aeon was born as a fork of Monero. Since then Aeon has achieved many milestones and firsts in the crypto world having many coin projects follow some of these changes. With the POW change to K12, Aeon will again become the first Cryptonote cryptocurrency to use K12 as a POW. The future will hold great things for this project.

Other Notable Happenings:

New bonus feature: Players who are lucky to guess the last digit in the block hash and also the first win a random bonus payment in addition to their original bet!

ChangeNow re-enabled buying Aeon with Bitcoin: Service is now available to swap Bitcoin for Aeon.

Aeon Roadmap: We are looking for community thoughts of an Aeon Roadmap. We want to provide discussions for possible future improvements to the protocol and project. Please add your input here.

Small security fix for NodeJS pool code: A small change in code helps prevent difficulty exploitation from miners.

Durinsmine is back up and running for community members to use. Remember, spread the hash!

StealthEX has added swap service for Aeon: Swap your coins for Aeon in a limitless and anonymous fashion today!

A few new block explorers are up and running from the Monero-Onion Fork:

Aeon Onion Block Explorers

Community Reminders:

Bittrex has 400 confirmations for a deposit so they can protect your assets and theirs. Having this function helps prevent coins from being stolen in case of some type of network attack or unknown exploit occurs. Typically this is about 24–32hrs to deposit coins onto Bittrex depending on network traffic. If you want another way to exchange coins, feel free using one of the other exchanges supporting Aeon:

Testing of the proposed k12 fork is still ongoing. Please support this by building and running pool, miner, and core software and reporting findings! Build and testing instructions can be found here. Likewise, additional testing guidelines can be found here.

We are looking for pool operators to build, test, and help support k12 integration to the project. If you are running any type of pool and want to support this change, please help out by running some code. Let the community know your pool address to send some hash to for testing as well. If you have open source pool code, feel free to fork and add to our community repository here so that others can use this! Current pool code from Stoffu can be found here.

Proposed Community Meeting: We need to schedule a community meeting. If you would like to join or propose a date for the meet-up, please connect with us of when and what time.

If you have questions on how to use Aeon or anything related to Aeon, please visit our community repository here or ask us in Discord or IRC. We are always willing to help and if there are specific instances you want to be created for a how-to we would be more than happy to add these. Remember that anyone can create these and add them to the repository at any time!

Well, that sums up the last few weeks in the State of Aeon. Thank you for everyone contributing to the project in every way. We are moving on to the next chapter in our blockchain and we want you to be involved! Until next time, happy hashing!

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