The State of Aeon 4_7_2019

Kangaroo Twelve Proof of Work (POW)

  • Aeon will be the FIRST Cryptonote coin to use a SHA3 variant as POW: Hello marketing! This change may also get the eye of developers who may want to contribute to this new change.
  • Aeon will be able to differentiate its self from Monero: Many community members of Aeon and those outside the Aeon community have always said: “What makes Aeon so different from Monero?”. Not only does Aeon already have many reasons why it is different from Monero technically, this POW change will be a large difference that anyone can see.
  • K12 is extremely efficient and easy to implement: Being easy to implement allows for maximum market competition between ASIC developers. This means that any manufacturer of an ASIC who believes there is a financial incentive to print a chip for K12 can do so without having to overcome complex hurdles increasing the cost of design and production. Being a market-friendly POW will help adoption on a large scale in the ASIC marketplace.
  • K12 is secure, fast, and lightweight, just like Aeon has always been: K12 is more secure than sha256 used in Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash pow. Designers of SHA3 had more than 10 years to build off the sha256 pow, creating a lighter, more efficient, and more secure algorithm to replace SHA2 in case it ever failed. Some notes from the K12 technical paper show: “KangarooTwelve can be seen as a new member of the Keccak family. It inherits all the properties of the family such as suitability in hardware and resistance against side-channel attacks, but grew up with a strong focus on software performance and interoperability.”
    “KangarooTwelve benefits immediately from the new SHA-3 hardware support recently introduced in the ARMv8.2 instruction set”. This shows that this will allow for increased POW performance on mobile devices since most current mobile devices use ARMv8 processors.
  • CPU/GPU mining will still be available right now: Any hardware can currently mine K12. Switching to this POW will not brick everything but ASICS. Current miners must simply update their miners and configure for maximum efficiency. Stoffu created a test-net and test-net pool for testing and the daemon can be used to check mining.
  • Many investors will want to invest in a project that is the “first”: Experienced investors typically want to be the first to the pool in order to maximize gains. This is true in any area of the market; housing, technology, IPO’s, new business ideas, etc. If good marketing is done, there could be a gain in value from this.

Translations Project moving forward

Community members unite!

  • Community Lookout for Merchant and Commerce adoption: We are looking for individuals who can source Merchants and Commerce platforms that could possibly adopt Aeon directly into their platforms. With the recent community integration of a WooCommerce plugin, merchants can now add this to their platforms and accept Aeon directly. Members in this role would be responsible for seeking out merchant adoption, handling questions regarding adoption, and ensuring that merchants are kept up to date on required changes needed for proper operation of any merchant & commerce platform.
  • Translating Organizer: We are looking for an individual or individuals who are willing to seek out community members to help translate material to other native languages. These members would be responsible for finding individuals to translate, helping them adhere to the translating guidelines, and also make sure PR’s are properly sent and merged.
  • Mining organizer: We are looking for an individual who can help the adoption of Aeon mining into all available platforms. This includes but is not limited to CPU, GPU, FPGA, an ASIC mining. We want everyone to be able to mine Aeon and help secure the network no matter their hash power. This member will actively seek out the adoption of mining Aeon along with making sure that community members can test any new devices or software if available to do so.

Community meeting for April 2019

Other notable community happenings:

Aeon Community Links

Aeon Branding Pack



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