The State of Aeon 4_7_2019

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the State of Aeon. We have been moving along the last two weeks making progress on both the community and the core code. The new POW was chosen for the next fork, the translations project is off to a good start, mining and pool infrastructure has been started with pull requests made, and the community has started seeking individuals that can step forward to help with managing and tracking various areas of the project. Let’s dive into what’s been going on.

Kangaroo Twelve Proof of Work (POW)

A lot of research has been done on ASIC resistance and many attempts have been made to lock them out of cryptocurrency networks but they always seem to come crawling back. Stoffu made a proposal to switch to a SHA3 variant for AEON as attempts to brick ASICS had deemed unsuccessful on all CN coins so far. There is always a financial incentive to create an ASIC for a situation where only one task is required. This is one of the main reasons why there is no ASIC resistant POW for cryptocurrencies. If it makes sense, developers will create an ASIC for that task. Not only are they more efficient than other hardware, but the long term stability of the network can be improved by reducing or eliminating the need for a future POW change. There are typically protocol upgrades that are needed for any cryptocurrency project, but eliminating the need to constantly fork to avoid ASICS that will eventually re-appear once there is an incentive to do so does not really make sense. Kangaroo Twelve (K12) is one of the latest variants of Keccak pow. There are plenty of reasons that make this POW an excellent choice for Aeon. Here are some of those positives for using K12:

  • Aeon will be the FIRST Cryptonote coin to use a SHA3 variant as POW: Hello marketing! This change may also get the eye of developers who may want to contribute to this new change.

Translations Project moving forward

Last month we started the translations project for Aeon. In this project, we are sourcing community members to help translate the Aeon main webpage and also the readme & contributing documents for the core code. This project was set forth to help increase the usability for those members whose main language may not be English. This project will be a continuing project as adoption happens, however, we hope to have the main languages translated by the end of 2019. This change will allow users to read Aeon materials in their native language. If you would like to contribute, please contact us in our discord channel or simply make a PR yourself. Spanish and Polish have already been translated thanks to 420coupe and ArkTras and their completed work is a great source for formatting if you have any questions. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Aeon project guys!

Community members unite!

We have been looking for community individuals that would like to dedicate their time to commit to being a resource within the Aeon project. Aeon is starting to move on a path where members of the community can help manage various positions within the project. If you believe you would like to dedicate yourself to and commit to being in one of these roles, please contact us and let us know what you can do. We are looking to fill these positions:

  • Community Lookout for Merchant and Commerce adoption: We are looking for individuals who can source Merchants and Commerce platforms that could possibly adopt Aeon directly into their platforms. With the recent community integration of a WooCommerce plugin, merchants can now add this to their platforms and accept Aeon directly. Members in this role would be responsible for seeking out merchant adoption, handling questions regarding adoption, and ensuring that merchants are kept up to date on required changes needed for proper operation of any merchant & commerce platform.

Community meeting for April 2019

We are proposing another community meeting to discuss things going on in the Aeon community and Aeon project. A preliminary date has been set for Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 at 7 PM CST. A follow-up meeting may be planned if members of the community unable to attend the April 24th meeting would like that setup. Please contact us on Discord or IRC if you would like to attend. Meeting agenda will be posted when the meeting time is finalized.

Other notable community happenings:

Thank you, everyone, who visited today and to all of those who have helped move Aeon forward this year. We are on a track to success and it would not be possible if all the help is given was not there. We hope to see everyone back in two weeks for the next State of Aeon!

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