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4 min readApr 22, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest edition of the State of Aeon. We are currently on a bridge between the old Aeon and what lies ahead for the project. Aeon will be implementing a POW change to allow the project to stand out in a crowded field of Cryptonote projects. Testing is being performed on our test-net and we are working on miners, pool software changes, and other needs to allow a smooth transition onto the new road ahead. The past two weeks we have seen some changes happening in the Aeon community so let us dive into what’s been going on.

Beta testing on testnet

The latest commit for the proposed fork has been submitted by Stoffu. This latest commit looks like it may be the last needed before the fork. If no bugs are found in testing the next few weeks, we should be good to go for setting some date for the actual fork. There have been many people supporting beta testing core code and also updating code required for Miners, Pool software, and block explorers. Here are some of the thing you can test out on test-net:

  • VulkanXMRminer: This is a miner built by user Enerc that should work on any AMD, Intel, or Nvidia device that supports Vulkan 1.0 drivers. The latest AMD 2018+ drivers should come with this Vulkan package, however, Nvidia may require downloading the Vulkan SDK for the proper function of the miner.
  • XMRig Stoffu port: This is a fork of the original XMrig and is updated for the latest k12 pow. Windows version binaries and source are available on his GitHub here. Linux and MacOS binaries with source are available here. Note that these are all beta releases but are fully functional for now. XMRig may or may not support this in official builds but we will keep you updated if it ends up making it to an official build.
  • Aeon core code testing: Please build and run the latest code for test-net and report back any findings for issues you may find on the pull request thread. If you have any questions for how to build or how to run, please check out our community repository for this here.

Translations Project

The translations project is moving forward with the addition of German to the repository for all assets along with Esperanto for the main webpage. Thank you for contributing to the project AmorbiaCacoa and Marmulak. Adjustments have been made for compensation where Aeon.Cash will be 50 Aeon and the core material will be 150 Aeon. If you are interested in translating to your native language, please check out our translations page here and if you have any questions please contact us on Discord or IRC.

Exchange Volume

Over the past week or two, there has been an influx of above-average trading volumes for Aeon on exchanges that support Aeon. Typically Aeon has seen around one to two BTC of volume across exchanges or under $5000usd. After the recent spike in price across the crypto world, Aeon has maintained this above-average volume to three to five BTC of volume or $20,000 to $25,000 USD. Is this the start of more investors eyes on the project? Only time will tell.

Other news around the community

  • Proposal for Asic Resistance: A proposal was submitted for maintaining ASIC resistance for the Aeon project. Feel free to add comments.
  • Poloniex listing update: Updates were given for the submission. Poloniex responded they will not list Aeon right now but are keeping the submission form open for the time being.
  • exchange listing: We submitted an exchange listing for this week. They responded that they will not be listing Aeon in the immediate future but will be keeping our application open for future review.
  • Multi-Asset wallet support: Discussions were started in regards to multi-asset wallets supporting the Aeon project. Feel free to add your thoughts on the discussion thread here.
  • Community Meeting postponed: We have decided to postpone the April 24th community meeting. Stay connected to see when the next planned meeting will take place.
  • Aeon difficulty charting: Need more information on how to chart Aeon’s difficulties? Check out this thread here. Stoffu has also provided a nice chart on his GitHub repository here.
  • Discord channel has added a Telegram bridge for users of Telegram. We now have bridges supported for IRC and Telegram on our official Discord.
  • Bisq: Don’t forget to use Bisq for a decentralized way to exchange Aeon for Bitcoin.

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by to catch up with the State of Aeon. We are moving closer and closer to our next big change with our project and we invite everyone to be here when it happens. Remember, Aeon isn’t just a currency, it’s a lifestyle!

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