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4 min readMar 24, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to the State of Aeon for March 24, 2019. Today we want to recap what has been going on in the Aeon community the past few weeks. Just on the horizon, we have many changes coming for the Aeon project. Let’s check out what has happened the past few weeks in Aeon.

Translations Project

We have started a translations project for Aeon. This project consists of community members who are able to translate English to their native language for many Aeon related materials all while earning some Aeon for their effort. Our focus is the core translations of how to build and use the Aeon platform for many languages. This is a project to help Aeon achieve a larger user base outside those who may not speak English as a primary or secondary language. This may help the use case for Aeon and attract more members to our community. If you are able to help out and want to earn some Aeons, please follow the guides provided in the link above!

Sophia Point Release 9

We have released Aeon cli and gui versions 12.9 this weekend. Several dozen upstream reliability, security, and performance improvements have been added. Fixes for upstream exploits not believed exploitable in AEON but patched for defensive and maintenance purposes have been implemented.
Various build and packaging improvements from the AEON community including ARM builds are now available. Many updated and new RPC commands are included for those using RPC for pools or merchant platforms.

You can find the release through the official Aeon Github accounts here:

Likewise, an updated Android ArmV8 but unofficial release is here:

Mobile Mining Aeon

Reddit user /u/Nanobytesinc has released an updated apk for his Pickaxe Miner for Android devices. His miner has many updated features and can mine a few currencies with mobile devices. Feel free to check it out and report back some findings. Also, give him some props for his work!

AFS for FinexBox Listing

A new Aeon funding proposal is out for listing Aeon with a few trading pairs on FinexBox exchange. Some discussion is available on Reddit for this proposal. Feel free to add in your thoughts for this proposal. Aeon is currently listed on these exchanges with active trading volume:

Trade Ogre exchange.

Other news:

Arqma’s fork of Turtlemaps looks pretty cool! A visual way of running ``print_pl`` on the daemon.

Well, that sums up the past few weeks in the Aeon community. Going forward we are working on the big 13.0 release where the proposed fork to a new POW should be implemented. If you want to help streamline this process, please help out with PR testing on GitHub using the testing guidelines set up in our Tester Central repository: Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the project in the past few weeks. We hope to see you back here in a few weeks for the next State of Aeon! Remember, anyone can contribute to Aeon, even if you have no experience with the project.

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