The State of Aeon 2_24_2019

Community Meeting planned for 2_28_2019

Aeon hash algo change discussion

Beta testing! Beta testing! Beta testing!

git fetch pull/100/head:pr100 
git checkout pr100
git cherry-pick a017785

Aeon on Android? Yup

Monerujo-AE App running on an Android phone.
  • Monerujo-AE: This is a partial Aeon integration for Android. The app uses mobile nodes for transactions but still has the core privacy and features of Aeon desktop versions. This is not available on Google play YET but is planned on the next release after Aeon forks to latest Monero 13.0 code.
Enerc Aeon Daemon in action on Android phone
  • Aeon Daemon: Props to Enerc for building this slick APK of an Aeon daemon. This can be used in conjunction with Monerujo-AE to have a more private Android use by running your own node. This WAS available in Google play store but was removed recently by Google. Signed APK is available for anyone else to attempt to add to the play store. Contact Enerc for more information on Reddit or Discord.
  • Aeon Android ARMv8: Props to BigSlimVdub for this work. This is a full implementation of Aeon Core CLI for Android platform. This is basically like using the Aeon CLI on your computer but it’s on your Android device. This is a work in progress and it may require Rooting your android device to function depending on phone model and Android OS version. This is NOT available in Google play store. Testing is welcomed. If functional it may be added to official tagged releases of Aeon CLI if the community voices their opinions.

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