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Hello everyone and welcome to the State of Aeon for February 24, 2018. We hope that everyone who celebrated Valentines Day was able to spend time with their loved ones. Aeon has made some progress in the past few weeks in a few areas of the project and community. Enhancements don’t happen overnight but at the Aeon project, we like to make sure patches and improvements are well tested before release in order to help reduce or prevent bugs being introduced into the greater public. Let’s get into the recap of the past few weeks in the Aeon community.

Community Meeting planned for 2_28_2019

There has been a community meeting planned for February 28, 2019 at 8PM CST. Some prior discussion of community members has already started in regards to topics of discussion. We have created a pre-agenda for the meeting which we plan to last around one hour. We have also planned a follow-up meeting Euro-Asian time zone members on March 1, 2019 at 6AM CST. The meeting will take place on our Community Discord and we will add the IRC bridge bot for those members not able to make it to Discord. We encourage community members to attend and also provide their thoughts for topics of discussion. We also suggest that those who are planning to attend and provide their input to have their opinions and suggestions ready to help streamline the meeting. An outline of the planned meeting and topics of discussion can be found HERE.

Aeon hash algo change discussion

This has been a hot topic of discussion the past month or two due mainly to the large increase in net hash of Monero and pretty much every other cryptonight based coin. Monero has scheduled a fork for March 9 approximately to use CryptonightR hash. Turtlecoin forked to CN-Pico, RYO forked, Wownero forked, Masari forked, and many others forked. After the detailed research was done on the Aeon blockchain and compared to similar Monero blockchain analysis, it was concluded that over 80% of Aeon’s current net hash is most likely ASICS. Now there has not been ASICS proven in production or use for V7/V8 CN protocols but a 300% increase in net hash on Monero in two months leads you to believe that it is most likely true. Community members have expressed their thoughts on following CNr like Monero, using RandomX, or simply changing the hash algo with a simple tweak. Aeon currently has a good network with hash rates spread out among the available pools. If you are interested in forking Aeon’s hash algo, please prepare your thoughts for the community meeting. Remember that forking takes time to prepare all available sources such as exchanges, merchants, and supporters of Aeon. We want to be prepared and beta test pull requests to help ensure no bugs are introduced from the fork.

Beta testing! Beta testing! Beta testing!

This has come up before a few times. We encourage community members to help beta test new code as best they can. We have set up some guidelines to help users of all skill levels to help beta test. The more members we have testing, the faster we can accomplish the changes that we want! CLI pull requests that need testing can be found HERE. Testing guidelines can be found HERE in both web-based format and also MS word formatting. Testing multiple PR into one build can be done using this format for example after a fresh recursive pull of the CLI:

git fetch pull/100/head:pr100 
git checkout pr100
git cherry-pick a017785

If you need any help beta testing or figuring out how to build or test the pull requests, please feel free to ask for help on our IRC channel #Aeon or our Discord. We have created a specific channel on Discord for testing related banter found HERE.

Aeon on Android? Yup

Aeon currently has 3 possible ways of use in some way on Android platforms. Props to the people who have spent their hard time on getting this work done:

Monerujo-AE App running on an Android phone.
  • Monerujo-AE: This is a partial Aeon integration for Android. The app uses mobile nodes for transactions but still has the core privacy and features of Aeon desktop versions. This is not available on Google play YET but is planned on the next release after Aeon forks to latest Monero 13.0 code.
Enerc Aeon Daemon in action on Android phone
  • Aeon Daemon: Props to Enerc for building this slick APK of an Aeon daemon. This can be used in conjunction with Monerujo-AE to have a more private Android use by running your own node. This WAS available in Google play store but was removed recently by Google. Signed APK is available for anyone else to attempt to add to the play store. Contact Enerc for more information on Reddit or Discord.
  • Aeon Android ARMv8: Props to BigSlimVdub for this work. This is a full implementation of Aeon Core CLI for Android platform. This is basically like using the Aeon CLI on your computer but it’s on your Android device. This is a work in progress and it may require Rooting your android device to function depending on phone model and Android OS version. This is NOT available in Google play store. Testing is welcomed. If functional it may be added to official tagged releases of Aeon CLI if the community voices their opinions.

Help move Aeon development forward

Don’t forget to help fund community projects with AFS donation fund! We can use these funds to help pay for smaller tasks or bounties not related to larger more specific AFS funding requests. Likewise, keep those Aeon’s rolling in to help move development and community projects in the right direction!


Helloooooooooooooooo. Anyone home? 0% fees!

Check these guys out. A new pool with no fees. Send some hashes to them!


Well, that sums it up for the past few weeks of Aeon and its great community. We are looking forward to the community meeting in a week and hope that many members of the community can join. The more people that get involved, the more things we can accomplish. Keep an eye out for the next community giveaway in the next week or two on our community twitter account! See you next time and happy mining.

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