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Hello everyone and welcome to the State of Aeon for AeonFebruary 10th, 2019. As the Chinese New Year comes to a close we want to thank all those supporters of the project that live in China and hope that your luck stays strong for 2019. Aeon has been chugging along steadily for a while now with many things going on in every area of the project and community. As many miners have noticed in the cryptonight community, hash rates are going up up up! Although there has been no public news from ASIC developers of actual ASICS being used on our network or others, some excellent studies have recently been performed showing that there is a very high possibility of ASICs on most all major cryptonight blockchains. Aside from that, we have some other news to discuss so let’s get started and see what is going on in the Aeon Community!

First ever Aeon Community giveaway was a success!

On February 1st we conducted our first community giveaway involving a Ledger NanoS Crypto Storage device. There were 29 members of the community that involved themselves with this giveaway. The winner was excited to finally have a Ledger as they have been unsuccessful obtaining one from Ledger for quite some time. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event and we look forward to our next event coming up soon! Keep your eyes on the AeonCommunity Twitter feed for our next giveaway.

Aeon ASIC network research

Aeon saw a 10x increase in net hash from ASICS before the network forked to brick them from our blockchain.

Last year we found out that ASICS had been developed for CN algorithms and large network hash increases were seen. Monero saw a 200–300% increase in net hash while Aeon saw a 10 fold increase in net hash to over 100Mh before the fork was done to kick ASICS off the network. Since the beginning of January, we have seen almost a 300% increase in net hash to Monero. Some research was done for the Monero chain and it was decided that ASICS were definitely present. Turtlecoin also saw a large network hash increase and forked to kick ASICS off. Aeon has seen its hash rate double in a few months as well so community member BMO took it upon himself to run some tests on the Aeon blockchain and, it seems like we have a very good idea that they are present on our network. Aeon has been catching up to the Monero code with porting over upstream merges. Community consensus is that we need to fork to kick ASICS off the network for good. Feel free to add in discussion to the Monero CN-RandomX algorithm if you are interested in Aeon being a CPU only hash algo. Aeon can stay a standard CN algo to allow GPU and CPU mining or it can fork to something like this. Please remember that for Random-X we would need some testing from the community and also code review before implementation as this is a very exploratory conversion that has not been widely tested.

Time for a logo rebrand???

Marketing 101

A few proposals have popped up in the recent days in regards to marketing the Aeon project. Many community members have stated their interest in the marketing of the project to bring better awareness for the greater cryptocurrency community and beyond. We believe that a good base is required before any major marketing can be done. Aeon has never had any professional marketing done in the past so this will be a first for Aeon.

Cryptoshib has inquired if we would like to fund a marketing and promotion project with them. This would include a permanent listing on their website and a three-month marketing term. During this time they will be visiting the Blockchain event in Prague where they are a partner. Feel free to discuss this marketing package and give your input.

Thunderosa has opened an AFS proposal for revamping and creating some fantastic marketing material for Aeon. He is well known from the Monero-Outreach program for his great work creating marketing and informational material for the Monero project. This proposal would help bring on board an experienced designer for the Aeon project that could possibly lead to increased awareness of Aeon and its community if properly exposed to the public. Please feel free to discuss this on the Reddit post here or on the AFS proposal itself.

Monerujo-AE funding proposal fully funded!

Monerujo-AE screenshot from a prior release.

This proposal has now been fully funded! Thank you to all the community members that donated their Aeons for this cause. We look forward to an update to the app with Aeon-API Aeon to BTC transfer service integrated into the app you can run on your Android device.

Aeon Timeline

Community members have started an Aeon timeline where anyone can check in and see some basic facts about Aeon. Currently, it is mainly information regarding releases but it is a live copy and work in progress! Feel free to view or contribute to the timeline here!

Aeon Beta Testing Guidelines

We have created guides for beta testing Aeon pull requests and release candidates. We invite members of the community who are able to build and test these things to help out testing candidates. This process was created to help streamline the PR and merge process so that we can integrate code faster from Monero and community additions.

Other News

  • Free BSD port needs some minor changes for integration
  • Web Wallet bounty still up for grabs. Once a web wallet is integrated for Aeon and functioning, the Project Manager will help fund some of a second wallet to be put into production
  • World of Ether and Cryptobridge AFS proposals closed due to lack of community interest

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