The State of Aeon 2_10_2019

First ever Aeon Community giveaway was a success!

Aeon ASIC network research

Aeon saw a 10x increase in net hash from ASICS before the network forked to brick them from our blockchain.
Time for a logo rebrand???

Marketing 101

Monerujo-AE funding proposal fully funded!

Monerujo-AE screenshot from a prior release.

Aeon Timeline

Aeon Beta Testing Guidelines

Other News

  • Free BSD port needs some minor changes for integration
  • Web Wallet bounty still up for grabs. Once a web wallet is integrated for Aeon and functioning, the Project Manager will help fund some of a second wallet to be put into production
  • World of Ether and Cryptobridge AFS proposals closed due to lack of community interest

Aeon Community Links

Aeon Branding Pack



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AEON Community

AEON Community


This Medium is dedicated to the AEON Community and posts are related to AEON, its community, and the development of the AEON codebase.