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Winter is coming John Snow!

Hello all and welcome again to the State of Aeon. Here we can discuss the past two weeks of happenings with Aeon and its community. We hope that everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a good time with friends and family during this special time of year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday seemed to be a success with many deals everywhere including hosting providers. We found some hosts providing $7/year VPS services for 1 cpu, 30gb storage, and 1GB ram with 2TB monthly bandwidth. That is more than enough to host a full Aeon node for less than $.60/ month! Let’s peek in at what’s been going on with the Aeon Community the past two weeks, shall we!

Aeon release 12.7 and 12.8

The Aeon team released a point release 12.7 and 12.8 last week. These include many enhancements to the wallet and daemon for CLI versions including a patch that pertains to a possible difficulty drift issue found. Anyone running a full node is recommended to upgrade to the latest version with either compiling or running the latest 12.8 binaries available.

Don’t Forget the AeonCommunity Meet-up 12_4_2018!!!

We have scheduled a Community Meeting to discuss all things Aeon. Please try to make it. We will be moving the IRC-Bot over to this channel so that non-users of Discord can contribute. We may also move the Wownero-IRC bot over so wow members can also contribute during the meet-up. A full log will be available to community members on our Community Aeon Github account after the meet-up.

Aeon Community GitHub Repo

Community Contributors have set up an Aeon Community Github repo to house all things Aeon related outside core code. This includes anything but not limited to mining how-to’s, bots, whitepapers/informational papers, compiling how-to’s, wikis, and anything else community members want to provide so that others can understand Aeon better. Remember that anyone can contribute to Aeon in any way they can. If you want to become a contributing member of the Aeon community, drop us a line on discord/reddit or make a PR to anything that you see! Thank you to all members contributing to the Aeon codebase and community!

Multi-Asset Wallet support for Aeon

There has been some recent discussion about getting Aeon supported for multi-asset crypto wallets. The best thing a community member can do is show interest in a platform. This will entice developers to work on integrating a specific crypto platform into their project. If only two or three people show interest, developers may not see that as the best time spent on development. So if you are interested in more options, please tweet, post, or comment to developers that you want their product to use!

Screenshot was taken from Atomic wallet website
Cake Wallet devs are busy people now days!

Aeon Hashrate Spike

Props to for the stats!

Ahhhhhh yes. We have all seen a large increase of hashrate the last week in Aeon. Many have inquired if Asics are on the network again. Many have inquired where this hash rate has come from. Many have expressed their voice that profitability has decreased substantially (including aeon/btc pair price, that has not helped any). Miners come and go. It is the life cycle of cryptocurrency. Many other projects have seen spikes on their network in the past few weeks as well since ETH and XMR profitability have decreased as well. The one thing we need to be concerned about is hash rate being spread across the network. If a larger miner (or botnet) swoops into a single pool, that can lower network security. Just remember, if you have a lot of hash power, please spread it across the network to help support Aeon stay decentralized and secure.

Aeon Community Fund

A proposal has been made to create a community fund. This fund could help Aeon in a way that the Dev-fund may not. Funds could be held by a trusted source and then spent as decided for community-related proposals. Please add your input for this topic of discussion.

Other Notable News

Well, that pretty much sums it up for this State of Aeon. We are always working on increasing Aeon adoption and support for all platforms. Please keep in touch on our provided platforms for the latest information in regards to the Aeon project. Thank you to all those members supporting the Aeon community and development. See you next time!

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