The State of Aeon 12_16_2018

Hello everyone and welcome again to the State of Aeon for December 16th, 2018. The holidays are close approaching and the Aeon community has been quite busy the past few weeks. Let’s recap what has been going on.

Aeon web-wallet fully funded!

Milestone one completed.

Cryptobridge Decentralized Exchange listing update

A quick overview of the Cryptobridge trading platform.

BisQ listing update

Quick overview of their simple trading platform.

Aeon Atomicwallet integration update

Currently, over 300 assets are supported by AtomicWallet platform.

When Binance?

So when Binance? #SOON

Aeon GUI official 12.8 release

Monerujo-AE app update

Community meeting wrap-up

Other news:

LoL but no ASICS as far as we can tell. Monero lost 100Mh and it has to go somewhere, right?

Well ladies and gentlemen, that about wraps it up for this week’s State of Aeon. Many things are in the works for the community and its developers. We are looking forward to the 13.0 release and are working hard at making sure everything is good to go. Keep in touch on Reddit, BitcoinTalk, Discord, or IRC for the latest up to date happenings for Aeon. See you all next time!

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