The State of Aeon 11_4_2018

Some boulders are held up by the smallest of rocks.

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks episode of The State of Aeon. The Aeon Community has seen some activity the past two weeks including the increase of user base on our Discord, involvement on GitHub, a small uptick on BitcoinTalk, and also many new (and past) users coming to Aeon Reddit. How about we jump into the details.

Another Exchange Service Lists Aeon has listed Aeon on their service. The minimum required amount to exchange is an equivalent of 75 USD (0.01185225 BTC) — which currently nets you roughly 125 AEON at the time of this writing. This service currently only allows you to BUY Aeon with BTC, LTC, ETH, and USDT. Feel free to check them out and try their service, another use-case for Aeon.

Buy Aeon with select cryptocurrencies on!

Growing the Aeon Community

A healthy discussion was started for what direction of growth for the Aeon Community and how we can achieve this. Every little bit counts and there are a bunch of good ideas of what everyone and anyone can do. Remember, anyone can contribute to Aeon. Here are a few small examples of what you can do to help out the community if you can’t contribute to the codebase:

Converting the Aeon GitHub from Personal to Organizational account

A discussion was started about converting the official Aeon GitHub repo from personal account to organizational account. Doing this would allow the current account holder to assign roles to other trusted members of the community such as merging pull requests for website changes. This would allow the core developers to focus on the core development of Aeon. Feel free to involve yourself in the conversation on GitHub.

Norderly supporting Crypto projects.

Aeon rebranding Package

I came across Norderly and found that not only do they support Cryptocurrency logos but they also take Crypto as payment for their services. Discussions have been made about whether Aeon needs a logo rebrand. Should we as a community reach out to them for their service? What should our logo rebrand include? Let us discuss this on GitHub where there are already some other thoughts on this. Maybe they would include Aeon as a payment source for their work and future work on other projects!?!

New Tutorials for Aeon

Other news

Thanks for adding the FreeBSD package. Picture from the FreeBSD main page.
Look at that beautiful decentralization of mining taking place. Thanks to Aeon Mining Pool for the stats.

Well, that pretty much sums it up for the past two weeks. We have seen an influx of new participants in the Aeon Community. Services have slowly started to adopt Aeon with their products. Healthy discussions are being made, and the community is coming back together! Just remember to keep the network decentralized. The last thing we need is a centralized network.

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