The State of Aeon 11_18_2018

With the passing of holidays like EL DÍA DE LA TRADICIÓN, BON OM TOUK, and GUY FAWKES DAY, THANKSGIVING DAY celebrations are in order for this coming week. Families can gather and spend time together on this day of remembrance and giving. For Aeon, our community has come together a little more in the past two weeks. Let us review these things, shall we.

Updating CLI for Beta Testing The Next Point Release

git clone --recursive  
git fetch origin pull/77/head:upstream-2-16112018
cd upstream-2-16112018
LINUX: make
WINDOWS make release-static-win64

Users can also build by cloning Stoffu’s repo and checking out the merge before building for the latest.

pacman -Syuuthengit clone --recursive
cd monero
git checkout aeon-upstream-2
make release-static-win64

Latest as of November 18, 2018:

Verify the hash is the latest from issue 77 after building: 9d49606

User Flairs for Reddit

User flairs from Reddit.

November 6th Community Meeting on Discord

  • Ideas on how to attract a full-time developer
  • Elimination of low mixins or using a fixed ring size on the next upgrade
  • What are the exact goals of the Aeon project
  • Katiecharm and her lack or presence in the community since rebase
  • Consensus for Aeon not needing a leader or Voting system
  • Agreement that there should be monthly meet-ups like this on Discord

Aeon Community Information Repositories

Aeon is now supported on CoinMarketDaddy. Check it out!

Other News

  • Aeon listed on CoinMarketDaddy
  • Bittrex has increased deposit confirms to 400. Please understand that this is the choice of the Bittrex team to protect your assets and theirs.
  • XMR-Stak update to v2.6.0 has binaries out: No need to update for Aeon purposes at this time
  • XMR-Stak wasabi 2.1 is out
  • The 2080ti gets garbage hash rates for dollars spent on Aeon: 1500hs, thanks Katie for the heads up!
  • More 0 mixin talk: It seems community users still want to eliminate this
  • Community Contact List: Signup to receive important updates or security patches for the Aeon project
  • AEONPocket is no longer in service. If you used the service in the past, please restore your wallet from seed on the official Aeon-GUI or Aeon-CLI.

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Aeon Branding Pack Colors

COLOR 2: #2c89a0ff

COLOR 3: #164450ff

COLOR 4: #444444ff

COLOR 5: #ffffffff

TYPESET: Ebrima (Bold)

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