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4 min readOct 7, 2018
Fall is in the air

For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, Fall is upon us. That time of year when leaves turn colors and the cold of winter starts coming. Miners ramp up their farms and others just fill up another cup of coffee or hot chocolate. For those in the Aeon community, what are you doing? In the last two weeks, there have been some big and small changes to Aeon, but every little bit counts. Let us dive into the community and what has been accomplished or started in the last two weeks.

Sophia Point Release 12.6

Probably the most important change to Aeon is that Sophia point release version was dropped on GitHub for CLI and GUI versions. This software update includes many security, performance, and reliability patches from upstream Monero. Unimplemented Ledger support has been enhanced for when Aeon is ready for Ledger support launch. Many documentation additions have been added and included from community members. Most important the security patch for DoS attacks has been added. It is recommended that anyone accepting transactions should update to the latest software to prevent any output coin burning attacks found by the Monero team. Compiling instructions can be found on the Official Github page. Community Members have verified CLI builds on Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, and OSX High Sierra 10.13.6. Any issues building please visit the official Discord, Reddit, or Bitcointalk threads.

Many How-Tos have been made

In an attempt to increase user activity in the community, a few how-to’s have been made. Although basic, these are the stepping stones for community members to learn and use the Aeon ecosystem. Anyone can contribute to a how-to. If you want to make one, feel free to and post it on either the Reddit or Bitcointalk threads and get a shout out from the community. Every little bit counts and not everyone knows how to do everything when it comes to cryptocurrency and digital wallets. Aeon-GUI is a great starting point to get into the crypto-ecosystem, here are some how-to’s to get you started:

WEB Wallet

There have been two submissions for web-wallet proposals. The community has not decided on what one should be approved for funding to be opened. Feel free to add your input on the Reddit post. Both proposals are asking for 1500 Aeon for development. Let’s get this figured out so the funding process can be started. CarbonCG or Bomb-On. Additional comments here.

Aeon Gambling

https::// is up and running well. Feel free to bet against the next block’s last byte after your tx bet has been confirmed. Bets have been increased from .5–5 Aeon to .5–10 Aeon per bet with a maximum of 12 digits selected per bet. Great work /u/Mochi101.

Aeon API: Pay Bitcoin with Aeon

AeonAPI is up and running. Props to /u/AeonAPI for getting this set up and hosted. Has anyone used this service yet? Feel free to comment on the Reddit post about this service.

Final Draft of Aeon White Paper

The final draft has been completed. Discussion of the final draft is on Reddit. Feel free to add your comments or insight into the final issuance.

Aeon Tagline Change

Remember the discussion about the Aeon tagline? A PR has been made on Github to audit the official website to reflect a NEW tagline being requested, “Aeon: A Lightweight Digital Currency”. If you agree with this change, please comment on the GitHub pull request for banner change. So far it looks like there has been a positive response to this change.

Thank you all for visiting the bi-weekly State of Aeon. Enjoy the next two weeks and hopefully, we will see you back here again!

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