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6 min readJan 26, 2019
Props to ThriftyMinnow for his photo taking skills of the Blood Moon last week!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the State of Aeon address. At least someone around here is getting their State of the Union Address out on time! Jokes aside, there has been lots of achievements for the Aeon community in the last two weeks but also some setbacks. Today we are going to give a quick rundown of what’s been going on with Aeon and the Aeon Community.

Aeon Webwallet bounty back up for grabs

An unfortunate turn of events for Aeon in regards to the web wallet. CarbonCG decided it wasn’t a project he would be able to complete in his proposed timeline so he has removed himself from the proposal. The funds will be moved to the general community donation fund and we invite anyone to make a new proposal for a web wallet. Community members can fork any repo they desire or make a new web-wallet from scratch. Some good examples to start with are OpenMonero and Masari-Webwallet.

Aeon Roadmap Discussion

A discussion was started about the Aeon Roadmap and if one existed. Smooth originally made a post back in 2016 about an unofficial but maybe could be official road map. Should this be re-visited and put into a more formal design that could be displayed on the official web page? Here are some highlights from what Smooth had said about the new roadmap:

  • Aeon rebase to 12.0 Monero code: Done 6/2018
  • Aeon implement LMDB: Done 6/2018
  • Aeon implement RingCT: TBD
  • Aeon integration of Monero GUI wallet code base: Done 6/2018
  • Aeon implement blockchain pruning: TBD
  • Aeon rebase to an easier maintained code base: Done 6/2018
  • View only wallets: Done 6/2018
  • Ability to prove payments: Done 6/2018 (needed for DEX listings)
  • ??????????

Many people ask the question “How is Aeon different from Monero?” all the time. Well yes, Aeon does borrow a lot of underlying code from Monero, but it has separate leadership and community, a 1mb scratchpad that allows up to 4x faster block times or higher, and an independent branding that allows Aeon to stand apart from Monero as a unique coin of its own. What do you think should be on the Aeon roadmap? Should we have a social roadmap? Many people have voiced their opinions but not many have taken the time to bring up a good discussion about this topic. Feel free to discuss.

Aeon Archival Project

BMO-Noire has brought interest to a project that helps determine past blockchain events to match them to what may be current activities. This was started by a Monero community member and BMO sparked interest to possibly do an analysis of the Aeon blockchain. The project’s goals are:

  1. Data collection and archiving
  2. Alternative chain analyses
  3. Timing exploration
  4. Network topology and study
  5. Double-spend detection

If you support further research into this for Aeon’s blockchain feel free to voice your opinion or make a donation to the AFS proposal when it goes to funding status. Good luck BMO! Exchange Voting

Aeon is registered for voting to be listed on the exchange. One way you can vote is in the discord channel, or you can also vote on their webpage. Note that Discord voting is limited to 3 votes per day per user account. Let’s get listed on this up and coming DEX!

Tester Central: Aeon Community Testers Wanted!!!!

Yes, we are looking for community members to help test everything Aeon!

A new repo was started to help find some testers for Aeon related stuff. This is anything from Beta testing release candidates for Aeon code or supported miner applications, to testing out an exchange or merchant service. We plan to make some templates for testing specific items. Please inquire within if you want to dedicate your time!

Funding status updates

  • Aeon Project Manager 3 month funding: Thank you to all who have supported this funding proposal. I appreciate all the welcoming of the community and look forward to helping out with Aeon’s growth. Keep an eye on the @AeonCommunity twitter feed for our first giveaway sweepstakes in the coming week!
  • 3-month AFS operation bounty: Cam is very happy to have successfully run the AFS for the past 4 months. Funding was completed in full. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication on this project! Let’s see you at 6 months for the final bounty proposal!
  • Moving Exchange Listing fee proposals to funding status: We will be moving these to funding status within the next week or so. We were waiting on another listing proposal but have not heard back from any yet. We are still waiting on a response back from Binance and Poloniex submitted applications. We will keep you updated on any changes.
Formal listing application submitted but no response back as of now.
Listing application submitted. No guarantee of listing with this submittal.

General Banter

  • Aeon had some nice price swings for traders in the past few weeks. The order books have been moving up and down with volume but Aeon seems to be holding around 8,000 sats.
  • Cryptopia hacked for ETC/ETH. Rumors say over $2mil was stolen from the exchange and authorities are working on this. Aeon was listed back in 2014 but nobody knows what happened there. We re-applied for listing back in September 2018 and they said they were “working on it”.
  • Unknown/Private pool net hash. Yea this comes up every few weeks it seems. Hash has been spread out some but there is a large portion of net hash still unknown. We’ll keep an eye on it.
  • When Ledger yo? Who knows yet, but we need to get all the code up to date Monero 13.0 wise to make the Ledger integration easier.
  • AFS Donate Tab: Donate to a general community fund today!
  • Changelly: Is there community interest in this service? In order for a coin to be listed on Changelly it must meet these following requirements:
Aeon is listed on Bittrex and HitBTC with formal applications submitted to Binance and Poloniex. Liquidity is in the form of a large volume of Aeon held as a reserve, like an exchange, for ease of coin transfer.

Well, that sums it up for the Aeon Community for the past few weeks. We have revisited some of the highlights such as our roadmap, our web wallet, and an Aeon archival project to help determine current blockchain events. We hope that everyone has a good next few weeks and those in China have an excellent new year on February 5th! See you next time!

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