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6 min readJan 13, 2019
Sometimes you get lucky. Other times you get double lucky. Then you buy a lotto ticket.

Hello everyone and welcome to the first State of Aeon for 2019. We hope that everyone had a safe and eventful new years celebration. 2018 was full of ups and downs within the community and we hope that 2019 will be a year of growth for Aeon. Many members of the community stepped up and formed a group of go-getters to kickstart the growth stage of the Aeon project. These members want to help Aeon move towards its original purpose; a private mobile friendly currency that anyone can use. To do this we have started making the project easy to use and understand by anyone whether they are crypto-literate or just a beginner in the industry. The first step of adoption is understanding of the product you are trying to use and if grandma can use it, everyone should be able to use it! Every little bit helps and as a community, we can increase the adoption and integration of Aeon to be a great coin to use.

Liquidity for Aeon

Aeon was added to Bisq back in December. If you were able to build the platform on your computer you could have used it then. Bisq has released the official version 9.3 with Aeon added and it can be downloaded on their website or official GitHub page. Go ahead and try it out and see how you like it!

Trade Ogre was contacted about adding an LTC pair for Aeon. After checking it out, the TO team decided that there is not enough volume for Aeon on Trade Ogre and that the satoshi price is too high for it to make any sense to add an LTC pair. The LTC pairing system was originally added for low-sat BTC pairs to increase trading activity on their exchange platform. I guess its a good thing for Aeon right?

TradeSatoshi AFS proposal has been submitted. They are asking for 1BTC for listing fee application for their exchange. There has been little feedback on this proposal or the reddit post other then marketing is where the money should be spent. Feel free to add your comments on either post.

Cryptobridge DEX exchange listing AFS proposal has been submitted. A 1.5BTC fee has been negotiated with their integration team from the standard 3.0BTC fee for listing since the Aeon Community is so active in the decision process. No comments have been made on the AFS proposal and comments on the Reddit post have been similar to the Trade Satoshi AFS proposal. Please comment on these posts and voice your opinion.

Confirmations for Aeon deposits to exchanges

Community members have inquired to the high confirm rates for Aeon onto certain exchanges. Currently, Aeon shows a 400 confirm rate for deposits on Bittrex. On TradeOgre there are 50 confirms. In comparison to Turtlecoin (400 confirms) and Wownero (200 confirms) on TradeOgre, Aeon is definitely showing a lower confirm rate. Please note that exchanges need to protect their assets and one way to do that is to increase the confirm count on deposits. Please understand that exchanges are protecting their assets and are extra cautious after 51% attacks on larger networks in the past 6 months. Remember the more exchanges out there Aeon is listed on, the more opportunities you have to deposit coins and trade. If you use a specific exchange, please reach out to us and we can look into a listing application.

Q1 Project Manager AFS Proposal

I have created an AFS proposal for aiding in the growth of Aeon and its community for Q1 2019. This proposal will help fund the continued work moving Aeon forward. I am very humble for all donations to the cause and I thank everyone who has already contributed thus far. I am planning on donating 10% of the funding to community giveaways as I believe in philanthropy in all ways possible. Thank you for your support.

Upstream merges to Aeon

Remember to use the latest release!

Stoffu has been hard at work porting over some upstream merges to the Aeon code from Monero in the past month. Beta testing always helps decrease the wait time of merging additional requests. Also, remember that anyone can submit PR to the Aeon codebase and that will speed up the process.

Aeon.Team mining pool closed

Announced in their latest reddit post, this pool is closing its doors for Aeon. The community thanks you for your service as a pool operator and we hope maybe someday you can help support the network again!

Largest South American pool now added English

PoolTupi owner has been hard at work with some English translations on his pool’s website to help attract some miners outside South America (or more from South America. He has been with the community for a while and is always open to help people if they have issues mining or just want some general information about Aeon. Give his pool a check and help spread the hash on the network!

Aeon Community webpage

/r/Thriftyminnow set up our Community web page a month or so ago and it is a work in progress. Here we want to feature community-related information such as how-to’s, an informational style white paper, resource links, exchanges links, reviews, and any other related links or information related to Aeon. This page is run and maintained by the community and anyone can make changes through pull requests. Remember it is a work in progress and is by no means a fully operational battle-station for the community but it is a start. Have a peek at it from the official GitHub repo or webpage.

Aeon Community website up and running.

Some recent general discussions about Aeon

There have been a few recent discussions about Aeon in general. Here are some links to them with a brief description:

  • Fungibility, roadmaps, exchange listings, other: HERE
  • Bulletproofs, fixed ring sizes, upstream merges: HERE
  • Marketing Aeon, Aeon FAQ, Monero Outreach: HERE
  • Detecting past ASIC’s through nonce distributions: HERE

Well, this pretty much sums it up for the past few weeks. We hope that everyone out there is looking forward to another big year of growth for Aeon and its community. We would like to take this time to thank everyone who helped contribute to Aeon in 2018 and hope that we can continue this in 2019. Remember, anyone can contribute to Aeon. See you next time!

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