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2021 is upon us and Aeon is still chugging along. Cryptocurrency is expanding it’s reaching to new markets and platforms. Adoption is starting with the recognition that private, permissionless blockchains are the path to financial freedom. Investment firms and individuals have been accumulating large amounts of cryptocurrency during the Covid19 pandemic as the world see’s how inflation of fiat cannot be sustained. As of recent, exchanges have recognized how secure and untraceable Cryptonote protocol coins are and have begun delisting many, possibly due to the inability to track where from and where to these coins are going to meet KYC/AML laws. Aside from all of this Aeon is still here doing its thing, being a private and lightweight digital cash. Let’s get up to date since the last state of Aeon and hard fork.

New Android Support

Aeondroid in action on a smartphone!

New community member Tachyon10 has jumped into the community as of recent. He has helped revive and update some Android supporting applications for the Aeon project. Does anyone remember Monerujo-AE? Well, Tachyon10 has refreshed, updated, and customized an Android app called Aeondroid. This app boasts an easy to use Aeon wallet that can connect to a remote node of your choice, (note some already predefined public nodes available) along with the ability to use the phone’s own local node. This can be achieved with the update to Enerc’s “Aeon-Daemon” in another app called the Aeondroid-p2p. This functionality allows users to be their own bank on an android device. Thank’s to Aeon’s 1mb scratchpad and approximate 9gb blockchain size, (yes that’s right 9gb, non-pruned, all 1.3 million blocks since 2014) anyone with an android device should be able to run a full node with minimal issues. Both apps have been submitted to the Google Play store Here and Here. The lowest android version is 7.0 so get out and try this you droid fans. APK can be found on the Github links above. Some additional posts regarding Aeondroid can be found on Reddit here: How to build apk, wallet in action, Daemon in action, and connecting to local daemon here. Feel free to reach out to him and donate if you want to support his work!

Aeondroid-p2p in action on a smartphone!

Where to buy or sell Aeon

Currently, Aeon is listed on 4 exchanges: Bittrex, TradeOgre, HitBTC, and BisQ. Aeon is available to purchase or buy through LocalMonero as well as can be noted HERE. As of recent, many exhanges have been delisting Monero. Bittrex is delisting Monero this week (January 15th) and has not sent any notes to delist Aeon. Many people have pointed this out and after the announcement, the price of Monero (and Aeon) decreased dramatically. Users can still purchase, sell, or trade Aeon on Bittrex as of this writing however to use the exchange you must provide KYC. If you do not want to KYC, users can buy/sell/trade on TradeOgre. This exchange is a Cryptonote geared exchange and is well recommended by community members. HitBTC is also another exchange that supports Aeon, feel free to check them out! Do not forget that Bittrex has a 400 block confirmation for Aeon deposits, a little more than 24hrs.

Aeon was listed on Altilly and unfortunately, this exchange suffered a compromise and many listed coins including BTC were stolen. Luckily the exchange was able to recover the Aeon wallet. Lost funds will be recoverable until February 26th through the claim form on their website. If you have any questions regarding this exchange, please reach out to them on their telegram page HERE. Best wishes for their exchange and users who have suffered losses from this compromise.

Mining Aeon in 2021

Since the switch to Kangaroo 12, Aeon has opened the door for efficient mining hardware development. Gone are the days of CPU and GPU mining vastly supporting the network, and now are the days of efficient FPGA and ASICS. As of this posting, there are still no known ASICS mining on the Aeon network over a year after the switch to SHA3. Most of the network’s hash rate most likely comes from FPGA miners. On average, most FPGA running a K12 bitstream achieve 45–62Gh of power at 600–800w. A single-chip FPGA hashes about 3.3Gh of power at 45w. Comparing this to a GPU, most high-end GPU has about 2.5–3.5Gh at 180–220w. CPU mining is not recommended however community members can still mine with CPU with Vulkanminer if they chose to.

Below is a list of miners that support Aeon K12:

Below are a list of active public pools supporting Aeon:

Aeon community stats

Aeon has seen an uptick in users and community visits the past few months. This may have been from the large crypto price increase or because people are reaching out to see what is out there. Here are some of the stats for Aeon related community support systems:

  • Reddit followers: 5103
  • Twitter followers: 7318
  • Community Twitter followers: 221
  • Discord: 973

Other community news

Aeon definitely is Monero’s unknown little brother. Some people believe that most Aeon coins are held by buyers from the 2018 crypto market boom. Others believe that they may have just been lost in wallets from the past, or maybe locked blocks. Despite the current low price of Aeon with 500sats/btc, Aeon is still moving forward. The train has not stopped albeit many members of the community have gotten off. Aeon truly is the little blockchain that could. Until next time, happy mining Aeonites!

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