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Chronos God of Time

A little over a year ago Aeon forked to become the first cryptonote coin to use Kangaroo Twelve (K12) proof of work. This enhancement was a move away from using CPU and GPU to process network hashes and moving to more efficient FPGA along with the ability for ASICS to be easily created for the network. After one year of use, there are no known ASICS developed or being developed for use on the Aeon blockchain. The blockchain has been moving along with no hiccups or issues for over a year now. The K12 system has been working very well for the project.

Stoffu has been hard at work bringing Aeon code closer to being up to date with Monero while still allowing Aeon to be its own unique project and blockchain. In a few weeks, there will be a hard fork to help incorporate all of this hard work into a new link in Aeon’s life. On approximately November 11th, 2020 and block height 1,280,000, Aeon will hard fork to code base v0.14.0.0. Since the v0.13.1.0 release there have been 283 commits and 308 files changed on the CLI repository. For the GUI repository there have been 63 commits and 43 files changed. Alltogether there have been too many lines of code merged to count! The official release name will be Chronos. From all that hard work there are many points to note about this network upgrade.

General upgrade notes:

  • Multisig wallet support added
  • Improved difficulty retargeting to reduce variance in block times: this should help with large hash rate drop-offs followed by unusually long block times afterward
  • Dozens and dozens of upstream reliability and performance improvements
  • Fixed TX flushing for mining pools on mined blocks
  • Clearing of secret key copy with memwipe
  • Enhanced blockchain resizing execution
  • Addition of automated build checking on new pull requests: reduces the need for individual building of pull requests to check function. Should help speed up merge commits for future pull requests
  • Wallet fix for no new outputs found in 365 days error
  • Addition of hardware wallet, RingCT and bulletproof code but is disabled at this time in this release.
  • Updated build dependencies for all OS supported at this time
  • Updated docker build for ARM platforms

GUI specific changes noted for this release:

  • Updated some translations availability of new language support
  • Updated build workflows for GUI
  • Removed mining page from GUI (no longer support GUI CPU mining)
  • Enabled trusted daemon option in GUI
  • Updated build dependencies to match latest CLI builds
  • Updated start/stop function of the daemon in GUI for better functionality

Release binaries are located on the official GitHub repository



Noted Aeon interests outside of core code

  • A friendly reminder to verify that remote nodes are up to date that you are using and on the same chain that is current. There have been many users noting that they are not seeing transactions show up on their wallets or exchanges and have found they were initially using an outdated node to sync their wallet. For more information see this post.
  • Some cool charts relating to Aeon emission, blocks, and rewards here.
  • A great resource for up to date mining and network stats here.
  • Reddit user Tachyon10 reviving some android functionality for Aeon building Aeon-Daemon with v0.13.1 release. Docker build has been refreshed for v0.14.0.0 so will we see more Android work soon?
  • Another friendly reminder for those looking to move Aeons to exchanges: Exchanges typically increase deposit times or even block deposits during hard forks. Bittrex has had 400 confirms for a few years now and Trade Ogre typically increases to 80+ blocks for confirmation during high TX times. It is always recommended to hold only the coins you can afford to lose on exchanges as you do not hold the private keys. Do not be alarmed if exchanged put wallets to “maintenance” mode before, during, or after a hard fork.
  • Aeon was added to Altilly exchange with two trading pairs. Aeon is now publicly listed on four exchanges including Bittrex, Trade Ogre, and Hit-BTC exchange.

Available Active pools for mining Aeon:

Aeon has been chugging along for over 6 years now as a lightweight private alternative to Monero. Many contributors have come and gone during that time period and the project has been able to weather many storms. Thank you to all the contributors old and new who have allowed Aeon to stand the test of time in the cryptocurrency world. Chronos would be happy!

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