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2 min readMay 9, 2019

Many people have started asking “How can I mine Aeon after the fork?”.

Well, rest assured, we will still be able to mine via CPU, GPU, and even possibly FPGA devices post fork. Here is some information for building and testing Aeon K12 POW change, and also using some available miners to mine on test-net to get an aeonidea of what hash rates will look like for your devices.

Build AEON’s future proof of work changes to get a test-net address and functioning daemon to verify payments are made:

git clone — recursive
(this clones the base Aeon CLI repository)
git fetch origin pull/108/head:pr108
(this fetches the PR with K12 algorithm and sets branch to pr108)
git checkout pr108
(switch to pr108 branch containing K12 algorithm)
make -j #_of_threads
(build with your selected threads)

After build is complete, you should access the binaries in: build/release/<folder>/pr108/bin

Launch testnet by using the following commands:

./aeond --testnet
./aeon-wallet-cli --testnet

Additional testing information can be found here:

Here is a list of some usable miners for Aeon with K12 you can test on Testnet:

CPU miner:
Build instructions: Same as XMrig base repository.

CPU miner Windows release:

AMD/Nvidia GPU miner:

GPU miner releases:

BigSlimVdub precompiled OSX and Linux XMrig CPU miner:

Public testnet pools: -offline 6_24_2019

Pool code: (Based on clintar) (Based on Snipa22) (Solo mining)

Any questions, let us know on Discord or IRC #aeon

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