How-To: Sending and Receiving a Transaction with Aeon-GUI

  • Set up new subaddresses
  • Receive some Aeon coins
  • Send some Aeon coins
Click the Receive tab to find our wallet address.
You can name your wallet address pretty much anything.
#0 is the wallet primary address. Every subsequent is #1, #2, #3 etc…
Look at all those addresses we have created. Let’s use them now.
QR code and Tracking
Some information about tracking option, nothing super special but it is there for commerce.
2 Aeon = Winning!
Check the history tab to verify incoming or outgoing transactions. This screen also shows lots of information in regard to TXid, fees, tx timestamp, block height of first confirm, and remaining confirmations.
  • Amount: Enter the numerical amount or click the “All” to send all.
  • TX Priority: how important is your transaction and how fast do you want it sent to the destination wallet? Higher fee = Quicker add to next block.
  • Address: Enter address here or click “Address Book” if you have saved an address.
  • Payment ID: Usually used for sending to an exchange, but sometimes people request this. Enter it here.
  • Description: Whatever personal note you want to be saved for the transaction in your wallet. Maybe you want to save this address later? Mark a note here for future reference.
  • Ring Size: How many mixin address you want. Higher Ring size = Higher fee for your transaction. Also note that if you send a TX with a non-default ring size, your privacy may be lessened since it will show this on the blockchain explorer.
Oh wait what is this? I can't send, what the heck!?!
Yea lets bet to win some Aeon and support the network with small transactions!



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