How-To: Sending and Receiving a Transaction with Aeon-GUI

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6 min readOct 5, 2018

Hello again and welcome to another Aeon Community how-to. Today we will be using our Aeon GUI wallet to:

  • Set up new subaddresses
  • Receive some Aeon coins
  • Send some Aeon coins

So let’s get started. First, we want to open our wallet up and make sure it is connected to a daemon of our choice. After it says “Wallet is synchronized” in the lower left corner we want to click on the “Receive” tab to find our wallet address.

Click the Receive tab to find our wallet address.

Ok, so now that we are in the receive screen we now see our listed addresses. Currently, since this is a new wallet we only have the base (or primary) address. We want to create a new sub-address so let’s click on the “create new address” button to get started.

You can name your wallet address pretty much anything.

We need to name our address so enter whatever you want to name it and click the “OK” button to create a new address.

#0 is the wallet primary address. Every subsequent is #1, #2, #3 etc…

Good job, we have created a new additional receive address for our wallet file. You can go ahead and make a bunch of these if you like, maybe one for each friend that sends to you, or an exchange you send from.

Look at all those addresses we have created. Let’s use them now.

If you want to rename an address click the edit button and rename the wallet. If you want to copy the full address to the clipboard click that button. This copy feature is great when doing things online on the same computer where you need to enter an address for some reason. Next, we can click the “Advanced options” button to view more receive functions.

QR code and Tracking

Here we can use a QR code reader. To use this, just click on your desired wallet address and then the advanced options button. Here we can enter in the desired amount of Aeon we want the QR code reader to ask for.

Some information about tracking option, nothing super special but it is there for commerce.

Ok so now that we have our address we have asked our sender for some Aeon and given them one of our addresses. Let’s wait for some coins to arrive.

2 Aeon = Winning!

Hey our first few Aeons have arrived! Notice how our balance shows 2 Aeon but unlocked balance shows 0. If you trust who sent you the coins, you can ignore the standard required 10 confirmations to know that the coins are actually in your wallet. These confirmations are to verify that 10 times in a row, the person sending the money actually sent it and the person receiving it actually received them. Just think of it as the bank teller counting the100 bills you gave them 10 times in a row to make sure that you did not slip them 95 bills and just say there are 100 bills in the stack.

Check the history tab to verify incoming or outgoing transactions. This screen also shows lots of information in regard to TXid, fees, tx timestamp, block height of first confirm, and remaining confirmations.

Now that we have some Aeon in our wallet, let’s make a transaction. We need to click the “Send” tab. Here we need to enter these to make a transaction:

  • Amount: Enter the numerical amount or click the “All” to send all.
  • TX Priority: how important is your transaction and how fast do you want it sent to the destination wallet? Higher fee = Quicker add to next block.
  • Address: Enter address here or click “Address Book” if you have saved an address.
  • Payment ID: Usually used for sending to an exchange, but sometimes people request this. Enter it here.
  • Description: Whatever personal note you want to be saved for the transaction in your wallet. Maybe you want to save this address later? Mark a note here for future reference.
  • Ring Size: How many mixin address you want. Higher Ring size = Higher fee for your transaction. Also note that if you send a TX with a non-default ring size, your privacy may be lessened since it will show this on the blockchain explorer.
Oh wait what is this? I can't send, what the heck!?!

Aeon-GUI will NOT allow you to send unconfirmed funds. This is for security reasons. Notice that the “unlocked balance” still shows 0? Once it changes to your amount needed to send, you can click the send button:

Yea lets bet to win some Aeon and support the network with small transactions!

The next screen is a confirmation screen. You have not sent any Aeon yet. This screen just lets you verify everything you entered to make sure that you made no mistakes. Wrong address or amount? Click the cancel and change.

After we hit “OK” our password prompt will come up. Enter your password and click OK and it will pause and then give you a confirmation screen with the TX id.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win any Aeon today on but that is ok because we learned how to set up a new wallet address, receive some Aeon coins, and then send some Aeon coins. So much winning!

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope we can all send and receive some Aeon coins now using the Aeon-GUI wallet! See you next time.

Shout out to reddit user /r/mochi101 for creating betaeon website and also reddit/github user DSC_ / Skftn for creating the original Monero-GUI wallet Aeon-GUI was ported from. Props to reddit users and AEON core developers /u/stoffu and /u/smooth_xmr for helping port the Aeon-GUI wallet. None of this would be possible without their contributions to the CN community!

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