How-To: Restoring your wallet file from seed

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4 min readOct 3, 2018

Hello and welcome again to another Aeon Community how-to. Today we are going to review and learn how to restore a wallet from seed. An often asked question is, “How do I get my aeon back if I forgot my password or lost my keys file?”. Well, today we are going to go over this and restore our wallet from seed file, so let’s get started!

OH NO! My wallet file and key file are missing. How can we get them back?

So let’s say we bought a new computer because our hard drive failed or we just wanted up upgrade and we don’t have a wallet and keys file anymore. We can restore our old wallet file with the 25-word seed we originally wrote down when we created a new wallet with the AEON CLI or GUI wallet software. After downloading the latest release, open the application and click your desired language and click next.

Oh hey, this looks familiar?!?

Today we want to click the “Restore wallet from keys or mnemonic seed” option in the screen. Let’s click that button and head to our next screen:

This is the guts of the restore function where we enter the important information.

We need to make sure the “Restore from seed” option is clicked, then we need to enter some information.

  • Wallet name: Here we want to enter what we want the name of the wallet to be after it is created.
  • Seed entry: We enter our 25-word seed here. We need to make sure that NO capital letters are used and that between each word is a space so that it will properly be restored. If incorrectly entered it will fail the restore.
  • Block restore height: This block we want to enter our restore height. If you know your initial wallet creation height you can enter that here. If not you can always start from 0. If you enter a creation height above what your first TX was, you won’t see those coins if unspent. Example: You created at 900,000 and first TX was 900,100 you will see all your past transactions appear in your “History” tab of your wallet.
  • Wallet storage location: This line is where our new wallet file will be stored. We can choose any location of our choice and Aeon GUI will remember this location every time you open the application.

Ok, so after we enter all this information we click the next button and we need to choose a password. Enter it here and confirm and click the next button.

Use a strong password, but something you will remember!

Now after setting our password, we need to tell Aeon-GUI where to look for a node to connect to the network. We enter this information on the next screen. We can choose either local node (on your own computer) or a remote node.

After entering this information we click the next button to verify everything.

Was ist das? A remote node with our own private IPv4?

We are almost ready to restore our wallet from seed! If everything looks good let’s click the “USE AEON” button and let our wallet start syncing.

Syncing may take a while to verify blocks, especially after block 600,000.

If all went well you should have a synced wallet with all your transactions showing up. This restore from seed can be used if you lose your wallet file or password, or if you have made some transactions and they are not showing up after 48hours in the mempool. Sometimes, exchange wallets go down and your transactions never make it there. Restoring from seed will have your Aeon coins appear back to your wallet. Please note that if you send coins to the wrong address, restoring from seed will not get your Aeon’s back.

Thank you all for joining today and I hope we can all restore wallets from seed after this! Feel free to drop into our official Discord or Reddit sub if you have any questions. See you next time!

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