How-To: Restoring your wallet file from seed

OH NO! My wallet file and key file are missing. How can we get them back?
Oh hey, this looks familiar?!?
This is the guts of the restore function where we enter the important information.
  • Wallet name: Here we want to enter what we want the name of the wallet to be after it is created.
  • Seed entry: We enter our 25-word seed here. We need to make sure that NO capital letters are used and that between each word is a space so that it will properly be restored. If incorrectly entered it will fail the restore.
  • Block restore height: This block we want to enter our restore height. If you know your initial wallet creation height you can enter that here. If not you can always start from 0. If you enter a creation height above what your first TX was, you won’t see those coins if unspent. Example: You created at 900,000 and first TX was 900,100 you will see all your past transactions appear in your “History” tab of your wallet.
  • Wallet storage location: This line is where our new wallet file will be stored. We can choose any location of our choice and Aeon GUI will remember this location every time you open the application.
Use a strong password, but something you will remember!
Was ist das? A remote node with our own private IPv4?
Syncing may take a while to verify blocks, especially after block 600,000.
Aeon: A lightweight digital currency



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