How-to Mine with Aeon GUI

1- Open the GUI and sync to current block height.

Open GUI and select settings tab for local node.
  • Open the GUI and click settings and make sure local node is selected. Note that if this is the first time syncing, it will take some time to sync the blockchain from 0. It usually takes about 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on hardware. SSD or m.2 will speed up the process. HDD may take 12hrs to sync.
  • You MUST use local node for this mining function to work. You can not use a remote node because you are mining to your base wallet address that is open in the GUI.

2- Select the advanced tab to configure mining.

Choose your weapons!
  • Click the advanced tab and then select the mining tab.
  • Here we want to select the number of threads we want to mine on (remember Aeon is CN-L so usually double that of standard Cryptonight)
  • Press the “Start Mining” button to start raking in the Aeons
Look at that mad hash rate! Oh man, we’re going to be rich!!!
Oh baby its hot in here!
  • Don’t forget that mining is pretty CPU intensive and if you run a higher thread count the CPU will get pretty warm. Keep an eye on the CPU temps and make sure you have proper fan control if you are running high thread counts on the miner.
  • If you need to stop mining, click the “Stop Mining” button and the mining will stop. Verify it has stopped by scrolling down and checking the box for mining confirmation on the bottom.
Man, that was fun wasn’t it?

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