How-To: Downloading and Setting up a Wallet with Aeon-GUI

Select your operating system-specific download for the proper GUI.

MacOS Installation:

MacOS unzip folder. Open it to view the App
Move from the downloads folder to the applications folder.
We know where we downloaded the file from so click “Open Anyway”


Before we download the Wallet GUI app zip we need to create a folder and let our virus scanner program know this folder is ok and to ignore files in this location. This is also useful for miner applications like XMR-Stak or XMrig where windows will automatically delete the file upon download. So let’s make an exception by using Cortana to find “Windows Defender Security Center”:

HOLY SMOKES! There is like 20874325 files and folders in the zip. What do I click?
Feel free to copy the batch file and make a desktop link for ease of opening so you don’t have to go to the folder every time to open the application.
Welcome to AEON: Pick your language.
You can also set up a wallet for Testnet or Stagenet to help test the code when needed before release.
  • Wallet Name: Name your wallet anything
  • 25-word seed: Random generation, no two seeds are the same
  • Wallet location: You can change this to any location of your choice
Don’t Share your seed. =)
lol password is not a secure password. Please don’t use password…..
Select Daemon type
LMDB — Lightning Memory Mapped Database Manager, the folder name the Blockchain is stored in
Double Check everything is correct. If it is, click USE AEON. If not, you can click back to where you need to make changes such as Daemon address or wallet name.



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