How-to: Create an offline wallet or paper wallet and restore that wallet using Aeon-GUI application v0.12.6

  • 1: They want to create a wallet file on a computer that will never access the internet and have a close to 0% chance of ever being compromised. This is referred to an offline wallet.
  • 2: They want to create a wallet address quickly to send large amounts of coins to that they may hold for a long amount of time and forget about anything on a PC. Some people in the community call this Hodling. Some exchanges allow you to restore a paper wallet for simple offloading of coins stored by that address.
  • 3: They do not own hardware that allows them to run a node or wallet software but still want to be able to obtain coins. Sometimes this is used by miners or people renting hash power that need an address to send coins to.
Download the zip and extract, or for advanced users Git clone the copied address.
After you create, scroll down and all your info should show up.
Everything you need to see is here. This will only create a base address, not an X address that 12.0+ supports.
OK, I think we get the hint here. That center button right?
Wait, 24 word seed?
Whoa, that’s a lot of letters and numbers. Good thing for copy paste right?
Yup, Address checks out.
Keys check out too! Looking good!



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