How to: Connect to a remote node with the AEON GUI


  • Connecting to a remote node will not allow someone to steal your coins or gain access to your wallet or password.
  • If a remote node is behind too far on blocks synced, your transaction may get stuck and lost in the mempool. IF this ever DOES happen, all you need to do is delete your wallet.dat file and restore from seed and re-sync your wallet after 48hrs and your coins will show back in your wallet. WARNING!!- DO NOT DELETE YOUR WALLET FILE BEFORE GETTING YOUR KEYS AND SEED TO RESTORE YOUR WALLET OR YOUR COINS WILL BE LOST FOREVER!!!!
  • Using a remote node does lower your privacy level. If a node operator wants to, they can skim the log files for IP address’ and wallet address’ and tx numbers. If you believe 100% privacy is important, run your own trusted node. If you want a fast, lightweight, but still secure wallet function then use a remote node!
  • NOTE!! is not currently functioning on v0.13.1.0 mainnet. Any use of these nodes will cause your wallet to not sync to the latest blocks. Please check out discord for a more up to date list of Aeon remote nodes.

So lets get started moving coins to our wallet with a remote node:

First off we need to download our weapon of choice:

Oh no! What is this prompt? Lets click the “Use custom settings” button.
Custom connections settings screen. Make sure you have “Remote Node” selected.
Press the Connect button to connect to this daemon! Note, some remote node operators will select a different port but most all are 11181.
As you can see in the lower left corner it says Network status “Remote Node”. We are connected and synced!



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