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2 min readApr 4, 2019

Hello everyone. We just wanted to check in on some AFS proposals since the platform has not seen much traffic in the past two weeks aside from the two translations bounties for Spanish and Polish.

AFS 7: Web Wallet. This proposal was originally funded and worked on, and then abandoned by the original developer. The funds are still available and ready to be paid to anyone who submits a working web wallet and commits to the operation term. 1500 Aeon. More comments here and here. We may close this bounty within the next few weeks and move funds to the community wallet until another developer creates a new AFS proposal.

AFS 25: Thunderosa Design and Marketing revamp. This proposal is in funding status. This work will help the branding and marketing aspect of Aeon. Let’s keep those Aeon’s rolling in! Additional comments here.

AFS 24: Cryptoshib Marketing. This proposal is still in pre-funding proposal status. There have been minimal comments on this bounty. Please add your thoughts. Additional comments here.

AFS 26: FinexBox Exchange listing. This proposal is also in pre-funding proposal status. Please add your thoughts to this proposal. If there is no community interest, we will close the proposal in at the end of April. Additional comments are here.

AFS 29: Q2 Project Manager funding. This proposal is also in pre-funding proposal status. This funding will help continue the effort of moving Aeon forward to its next phase of life! Add your thoughts on the proposal or also on the Reddit thread here.

Thank you all for visiting and stay tuned for the State of Aeon this weekend!

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