Aeon v0.13.1.0 Point Release

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2 min readDec 18, 2019

Aeon team has released a point release for v0.13 with downloadable binaries located with the provided links below on GitHub.

This maintenance release contains many security and wallet enhancements as well as build fixes on many platforms. Some of these changes are as follows:

  • New notify daemon and wallet options for event-driven handling of blocks, txs, reorgs, and block rate changes (enhancement)
  • Fixed incorrect reporting of inputs amounts the CLI wallet when creating a new transaction
  • Fixed GUI new-wallet creation error
  • Numerous fixes needed for building with GCC version 9.1
  • Fixed broken DB migration when upgrading in-place without a resync
  • Increased RPC timeout for get_output_distribution
  • Fixed numerous potential information leakages when using wallet with an untrusted/public node
  • Corrected start-stop logic for GUI wallet integrated daemon
  • 13 closed PR’s for CLI
  • 4 closed PR’s for GUI

Along with this point release there is other news: was put into production. This service provides an experience for the Aeon community and is run by those operators of Feel free to check them out and use their service if you have needs to pay in BTC with Aeon. Also don’t forget that provides a similar service.

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