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4 min readSep 28, 2019
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As you may or may not know, we have all been busy in the last 6 months in the Aeon community. Some have been more involved than others, yet, together we have moved the Aeon project to a new path in the crypto-cash world. We have set the mainnet v8 fork height to 1146200 (Approx. October 25th, 2019). Difficulty will reset to 20 Trillion at mainnet fork. Checkpoints have been updated for the next fork as needed. Since the last tagged release of Aeon v0.12.9.0 there have been 229 commits to 539 changed files with 13,653 additions and 4,795 deletions. On the GUI repository, there have been 26 commits to 27 changed files totaling 3,386 additions and 557 deletions. Below are some highlights of the upcoming fork that are specific to the K12 change and other various enhancements to the Aeonix Repository:

  • K12 (Kangaroo Twelve) POW change. This is a Keccak variant.
  • Consensus upgrade for Long-Term block size limit.
  • Enhanced Decoy Selection for Non-Ring CT chains.
  • Locked ring size 3 for more fungibility.
  • Enforced 10 block age
  • More effective sweeping of wallet and sub-address selection.
  • Many RPC, Simplewallet, and Daemon enhancements pulled from upstream.
  • Reduced transaction sizes by adopting the Borromean signature scheme.
  • Aeon Blackball tool upgraded for better chain analysis.
  • Three additional languages added to the GUI application.
  • Numerous operating system build fixes and enhancements.

Outside the updates and enhancements for the main Aeonix repository for CLI and GUI there have been these updates in the Aeon community since the beginning of 2019:

  • Main Aeon website was updated with a refreshed look and selectable translations for 8 languages were added.
  • Aeon was added to three coin swap services and Bisq exchange. HitBTC re-opens Aeon wallet function.
  • Three new Block explorers were added to the network and functional code was added to the community repository.
  • WooCommerce plugin added.
  • Aeon was added to three new social crypto news platforms.
  • Electron wallet added as an additional use case for the project.
  • Thunderosa was added as a contributor to Aeon’s marketing.
  • MonerujoAE Android wallet is set to release its latest update incorporating Aeon’s latest K12 code.
You can mine Aeon K12 with CPU, GPU, or FPGA.

Mining Aeon on K12 POW

After our network upgrade to K12, miners will be required to update their mining software and use any pools that support mining the new POW. Many pool operators will continue to support Aeon transitioning to K12 while some will be discontinuing support for Aeon. We also have a few pool operators that have never before supported Aeon that will now support our project with a mining pool or mining software. As of this writing, these are some of the confirmed pools and miners that will be functional for Aeon K12 POW:

Confirmed K12 supported pool software:

Pools confirmed supporting the K12 network upgrade:

Pools on Aeon V7 and unconfirmed for K12:


Confirmed K12 miner software:

Unconfirmed Mining software supporting K12:

  • Stak-Miner
  • Xmrig
  • XmrigCC
  • Simpleminer
  • Ethos
  • Other 3rd party mining operating systems

There has been a lot of work in the Aeon community this year, and we are looking forward to a successful fork starting a new path for the project. Thank you to everyone who has supported our team in this effort. A BIG shout out to all the pool operators who are ending their support for Aeon as they have given so much of their time and money helping the blockchain prevail. Please update your nodes and wallets to the latest tagged v0.13.0 by downloading the release binaries here or by compiling from the source files. GUI source code is also available for compilation here. If you are a pool operator or have mining software not listed here and will be supporting the new K12 network upgrade, please let us know on Discord or IRC and make a post on Reddit or BCT so community members have another option to use. See you at the next State of Aeon!

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