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2 min readNov 28, 2018

Hello and thanks for joining today for a quick update on Aeon Funding requests. Some are finished, some are in proposal, some are works in progress, and some are in funding status still needing funding. Let’s take a look and review these so far:

  • Proposal 11 is still looking for funding for Monerujo-AE android wallet integration of AeonAPI Aeon to BTC payments. The Monerujo-AE app is under development for an update when Aeon upgrades to Ring-CT and Bulletproofs. This will allow Aeon community members to pay BTC bills directly with Aeon from their phones! Let’s get this funded!
  • Proposal 7 is only at 33% funding. Community members have spoken out about a web wallet. Here is a proposal for that. 12 contributions have been made for this. CarbonCG is ready to port over a myMonero style web wallet for Aeon. Let’s get some more donations to fill this!
  • Proposal 10 is completed and awaiting the package to be built and supported on FreeBSD. Updates should arrive within the next few days.
  • Proposal 13 is in Proposal status. This proposal is for Aeon funding of bounties for the World of Ether mobile game played on the Ether Blockchain. This proposal would give Aeon some much-needed marketing and visibility for ETH community members and others who may not know about the Aeon blockchain. Check it out and give some thoughts.

Feel free to keep an eye on AeonFunding for community proposals for the Aeon project. We are just now gaining steam and these proposals can help us chug along to adoption through use-case of Aeon currency.

Shout Out:

CamTheGeek: If it wasn’t for Cam, we would not have AFS and some if not all of these proposals may never have happened. Next time you see Cam, give him some props for his hard ongoing work on

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