Aeon Community Giveaway #2

MMMMmmmm Raspberries and Pi!

Hello everyone and we hope you are all doing well during this time. We have another community giveaway for our members to announce. Currently, there are many cryptocurrencies out there that developers (and community members) have compiled their CLI source to run on an Arm processor like the Raspberry Pi. Aeon does not have any built binaries for this in their official release repository. This giveaway is a chance for community members to get a head start doing this for Aeon while contributing to the overall use-case of the project. Included in this kit is what one would need to start this minus the microSD card. One could run a full node for Aeon in discreet form with minimal power usage with this along with a 16 or 32GB micro SD card thanks to Aeon’s tiny blockchain size.

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