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2021 is upon us and Aeon is still chugging along. Cryptocurrency is expanding it’s reaching to new markets and platforms. Adoption is starting with the recognition that private, permissionless blockchains are the path to financial freedom. Investment firms and individuals have been accumulating large amounts of cryptocurrency during the Covid19 pandemic as the world see’s how inflation of fiat cannot be sustained. As of recent, exchanges have recognized how secure and untraceable Cryptonote protocol coins are and have begun delisting many, possibly due to the inability to track where from and where to these coins are going to meet KYC/AML…

Chronos God of Time

A little over a year ago Aeon forked to become the first cryptonote coin to use Kangaroo Twelve (K12) proof of work. This enhancement was a move away from using CPU and GPU to process network hashes and moving to more efficient FPGA along with the ability for ASICS to be easily created for the network. After one year of use, there are no known ASICS developed or being developed for use on the Aeon blockchain. The blockchain has been moving along with no hiccups or issues for over a year now. …

The view is grand even in Aeon land.

Hello and welcome back to the State of Aeon. It has been quite some time since we stopped by to let everyone know what’s going on in the Aeon community. Many things have happened since our last update including a scheduled hard fork, coronavirus, large market drops, and large market corrections. Through all this, Aeon has survived and is still just moving along with its same stable lifecycle. Let’s take a look at what has been going in with Aeon for the past 10 months since our last update.

Hardfork to v0.13.0.0

Aeon successfully transitioned to a new era scrapping the original cryptonight-lite…

Aeon team has released a point release for v0.13 with downloadable binaries located with the provided links below on GitHub.

This maintenance release contains many security and wallet enhancements as well as build fixes on many platforms. Some of these changes are as follows:

  • New notify daemon and wallet options for event-driven handling of blocks, txs, reorgs, and block rate changes (enhancement)
  • Fixed incorrect reporting of inputs amounts the CLI wallet when creating a new transaction
  • Fixed GUI new-wallet creation error
  • Numerous fixes needed for building with GCC version 9.1
  • Fixed broken DB migration when upgrading in-place without a resync

Props to Xiaomogwai for the artwork!

As you may or may not know, we have all been busy in the last 6 months in the Aeon community. Some have been more involved than others, yet, together we have moved the Aeon project to a new path in the crypto-cash world. We have set the mainnet v8 fork height to 1146200 (Approx. October 25th, 2019). Difficulty will reset to 20 Trillion at mainnet fork. Checkpoints have been updated for the next fork as needed. Since the last tagged release of Aeon v0.12.9.0 there have been 229 commits to 539 changed files with 13,653 additions and 4,795 deletions…

The higher you go the farther you can see ahead.

Hello everyone and welcome to the State of Aeon for September 15th, 2019. Currently, we are on track to set a fork height for the upcoming network upgrade to K12. Preliminary binaries were released from Stoffu to aid in community members testing the new code. Additional languages were added to the main website, and HitBTC re-enabled Aeon deposits & withdrawals. Let’s dig into the latest happenings in the Aeon community.

Preliminary Binaries released before tagging v0.13.0 release

Stoffu released some pre-built binaries for Aeon CLI and GUI containing most everything for the v0.13 release. All supported main operating systems are available from Stoffu. Community members can still…

Hello everyone and welcome to the State of Aeon for August 8th, 2019. It has been almost a year since we started the State of Aeon blog posts. We started this blog to help keep community members and those interested in the Aeon project up to date on whats going on. We have been working busily the last two months moving the project closer to the K12 pow fork. Many lines of code have been merged to master including the K12 pow change, and there was even a website revamp with translations added. …

There is a discussion on using fixed ring sizes and possibly adding the code to the next upcoming hard fork. Please add your thoughts on GitHub!

Do you believe that ring 3 is adequate? Do you believe 5 is the minimum that should be used?

Summer is here!

Hello everyone and welcome to the State of Aeon for June 2nd, 2019. It’s been a while since we have connected and we wanted to let everyone know what’s been going on! Aeon has been moving closer and closer to its next big change the last month. A new revamp of the official website has been proposed for language adaptation, Miner support has been moving forward with bitstream developers, and Aeon is starting to turn a new chapter in its history with a marketing/branding revamp. Let’s check in on what’s been going on in the Aeon community.

Aeon.Cash Translation Integration:

Camthegeek proposed a…

Many people have started asking “How can I mine Aeon after the fork?”.

Well, rest assured, we will still be able to mine via CPU, GPU, and even possibly FPGA devices post fork. Here is some information for building and testing Aeon K12 POW change, and also using some available miners to mine on test-net to get an aeonidea of what hash rates will look like for your devices.

Build AEON’s future proof of work changes to get a test-net address and functioning daemon to verify payments are made:

git clone — recursive

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